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Nothing will stop the ETS

Except perhaps the Senate, but certainly not the ever-increasing numbers of business groups who are warning Krudd & Co that the ETS will damage Australia’s already weakened economy. Rudd and Penny Wong are utterly deaf to their complaints, and will… Read More ›

Listen To Us Petition against the ETS

A petition has been launched to oppose the Governments ETS (or its two-errors-in-four-words alternative, the “Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme”), sponsored by Dr Dennis Jensen, Liberal Member for Tangney in Western Australia. Dr Jensen will present the petition to the House… Read More ›

The debate is over

An Australian opinion piece this morning is entitled “The debate on how to reduce greenhouse emissions isn’t over”, but I’m afraid it is: This is a complex issue that we cannot afford to rush, despite Senator Wong’s determination to push… Read More ›


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