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Clinton: the new King Canute

Just as King Canute tried to stop the tide coming in (and failed miserably), so the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton will try to “tackle climate change”, and likewise, they will fail miserably. The only difference being that this time,… Read More ›

George Carlin on "saving the planet"

Because some people are now, finally, beginning to realise that humanity cannot control nature, and it cannot “tackle climate change”, I thought you would enjoy this famous routine by comedian George Carlin, which sums up the whole conceit brilliantly. Warning:… Read More ›

The Australian backs Ian Plimer

This is excellent news. The Australian has always shown itself to be the only newspaper with a balanced approach to the issue of climate change, but in an editorial today it goes several steps further, by harshly criticising Robert Manne’s… Read More ›


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