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Climate hypocrisy in Victoria

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, sadly. Following the Goracle’s example, where those preaching the Word are not bound by the Word themselves: A BRUMBY Government department responsible for protecting the environment and combating climate change has accumulated enough air kilometres to… Read More ›

Quote of the Day

From The Australian, referring to Greg Combet’s thinly veiled threat to business to pressure the opposition into supporting the ETS (see here): For all the Government’s hot air about saving the planet, Mr Combet is playing coldly calculated politics. So… Read More ›

Climate sense from Piers Ackerman

A fine analysis of the Government’s ETS shambles: Strip away business arguments and the proposed ETS legislation is exposed as futile. It won’t affect the Great Barrier Reef, as Kevin Rudd claimed. Or put more water in the Murray-Darling or… Read More ›

Climate Madness from Steven Chu

This is the “Nobel Prize winning” physicist, who is now the US Energy Secretary in the Obama administration (don’t forget that Al Gore won a Noble Prize, as did the IPCC, which dumbs the whole thing down somewhat). Chu’s climate… Read More ›


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