UPDATED: CRU emails disclosed

Hadley Centre - what's been going on here?

Hadley Centre - what's been going on here?

Apparently a huge quantity of highly sensitive emails and data have been “hacked” from the Hadley Climate Research Unit (CRU) in the UK. I haven’t yet had a chance to consider any of them in detail. I am not publishing anything until we know more clearly what their precise legal status is.

However, I have read some of them and if they are real and not fake, this is absolute dynamite, and will destroy the credibility of the alarmist cause.

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  1. File is here:

    [SNIP sorry - not publishing links to the files]

    Requires torrent client like micro torrent.

  2. It would be good if someone could do a search of all these emails to see if any of the usual suspects crop up — oh, I don’t know — maybe something like a “Karoly”, or a “Foolery”, or even a “Steffen” perhaps. Hard to believe that all these people can come to the same erroneous conclusion independently. It will be fascinating to see how long the “consensus” mantra holds up in the unseemly rush for the door.

  3. “and will destroy the credibility of the alarmist cause.”

    what? The alarmist cause had credibility?

  4. Search away….


    [ACM Comment: Follow/use these links at your own risk!]

  5. This fraud should be sufficient grounds for the Supreme Court to review and reverse their ruling that C02 is a polutiant. Also Al Gore and his company Generation Investment Mangament should be investigated for fraud and all of the money they generated impounded.


  1. Hadley Hacked? 'Warmist conspiracy exposed?'

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