UPDATED: Voters want ETS delayed

Herald Sun

Poll results surprising

Because they don’t understand it. Thanks to this government, all they have heard is climate alarmism and the constant refrain that we need the ETS to “save the planet [for the sake of our children and grandchildren - Ed], even though it will do nothing for the climate whatsoever. The Herald Sun has some poll results that should make interesting reading for the Tony Abbott camp:

  • 81% of Coalition supporters (74% overall) want the ETS delayed, which means only 26% of voters back the Rudd-Turnbull position
  • 90% of Coalition supporters (80% overall) say they do not understand the ETS and want the government to explain it better (which they won’t, because then they will have to admit it will cripple Australia’s economy for no benefit)
  • 73% of Labor voters are in the dark on the ETS!

The only way we will have this proper debate on the ETS is via a full blown election campaign. It is clear from this that the Australian public are finally wising up to the spin of Rudd & Wong, and that Malcolm Turnbull is completely out of step with the wishes of the electorate and his own party.

If the next election is a referendum on the ETS, there is no guarantee that Rudd would win.

Read it here.

UPDATE: Piers Ackerman writes:

IT’S a matter of grave concern for stalwart rank-and-file Liberal Party members that Malcolm Turnbull’s number one supporter for his global-warming stance is now no less a figure than Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, while his number two supporter is the former union leader, Greg Combet.

That the embattled Opposition leader enjoys such support underscores the anger of those Liberals who feel Turnbull has taken liberties with his leadership in supporting Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s totally flawed emissions trading legislation.

The backing of a duo last united so publicly in their bid to prop up the historically corrupt Maritime Union of Australia’s stranglehold on the nation’s docks, has not gone unnoticed; and nor has Turnbull’s use of stalling tactics more usually applied in the spivvy world of corporate takeovers than party politics.

Read it here.

And a Poll on The West Australian’s website gives a 70/30 split against the amended ETS after 700 or so votes (see here) – thanks to reader Russ.

Roy Spencer: Top 10 Annoyances in the climate debate

Waynes World...Waynes World....climate change...excellent!

Waynes World...Waynes World....climate change...excellent! Thanks to WUWT.

With all the ETS shenanigans going on, one tends to forget about the debate on climate science itself, and the flimsiness of foundations on which all global warming alarmism is based. Dr Roy Spencer lists his ten top annoyances, and Kevin and Penny would do well to read these, as they blindly believe anything the IPCC says:

Well, maybe not my top 10…but the first ten that I thought of.

  1. The term “climate change” itself. Thirty years ago, the term “climate change” would have meant natural climate change, which is what climate scientists mostly studied before that time. Today, it has come to mean human-caused climate change. The public, and especially the media, now think that “climate change” implies WE are responsible for it. Mother Nature, not Al Gore, invented real climate change.
  2. “Climate change denier”. A first cousin to the first annoyance. Again, thirty years ago, “climate change denier” would have meant someone who denied that the Medieval Warm Period ever happened. Or that the Little Ice Age ever happened. What a kook fringe thing to believe that would have been! And now, those of us who still believe in natural climate change are called “climate change deniers”?? ARGHH.
  3. The appeal to peer-reviewed and published research. I could go on about this for pages. Yes, it is important to have scientific research peer-reviewed and published. But as the Climategate e-mails have now exposed (and what many scientists already knew), we skeptics of human-caused climate change have “peers” out there who have taken it upon themselves to block our research from being published whenever possible. We know there are editors of scientific journals who assist in this by sending our papers to these gatekeepers for the purpose of killing the paper. We try not to complain too much when it happens because it is difficult to prove motivation. I believe the day is approaching when it will be time to make public the evidence of biased peer review. [Read more...]

Rudd "plays down double dissolution"

One brain cell…

One brain cell…

Which, given Kevin Rudd’s usual form in these things (think “no special deal for Sri Lankans”), means he will probably call a double dissolution on January the first.

“I’ve been elected by the Australian people to implement our mandate including the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. We intend to get on with the business of doing that,” he said.

“I’ve said consistently going back a long long time that my belief is the Australian people expect us to fill a full term. My view on that has not changed.”

Read it here.

Turnbull: a Rudd clone

Malcolm Turnbull is sounding more and more like Kevin Rudd every day:

Mr Turnbull said he had a message to all Australians and the Liberal Party: “We have a duty to our country, to our planet, to our children to take effective action on climate change.”

“I respect the views of those who believe we don’t need to … but it is not responsible to proceed on the basis that there is nothing to be concerned about.”

Mr Turnbull said he understood the government’s frustration given an agreement had been reached on the ETS and negotiations conducted in good faith.

“What does it say about the character of the Liberal Party if, having entered into an agreement, we were to simply say we have changed our mind, we are going to renege on that deal. How could you trust us?”

Read it here.

The Weekend Australian trumpets Newspoll results… from September

Sounding like Fairfax

Sounds like Fairfax

The Australian has really lost its way on this issue, supporting Malcolm Turnbull’s position on the ETS, referring to CO2 as “carbon pollution” – they really have swallowed the Rudd/Wong spin. And now they claim that voting against the ETS will be electoral suicide, based on a Newspoll survey… from September:

THE Coalition faces an electoral wipeout at next year’s federal election if the rebels led by Tony Abbott and Nick Minchin succeed in blocking the government’s climate change legislation.

The Coalition could lose at least 20 of its metropolitan seats, including those of its leader, Malcolm Turnbull, Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey and climate change critics Kevin Andrews and Andrew Robb, according to an analysis of Newspoll results.

Newspoll chief executive Martin O’Shannessy says the most worrying finding for the Coalition is that its voters aged 18 to 34 favour the government’s legislation by a margin of almost five to one. The Newspoll survey, taken in mid-September, showed that 75 per cent of Coalition voters in this age group backed the bill, while only 17 per cent were opposed.

This is in complete contradiction to what The Australian said back in July:

Just as Malcolm Turnbull has turned the Liberal Party towards accepting an ETS before the global climate change conference in Copenhagen in December, there has been a turnaround in public support for delaying finalisation of a carbon emissions trading scheme.

And while most people are still prepared to pay higher costs for petrol, electricity and gas to cut greenhouse gas emissions, support drops away rapidly as the expectations rise of higher costs.

Eight per cent of respondents to the survey, taken exclusively for The Australian last weekend, oppose an ETS outright, taking the total who oppose the scheme or want it delayed to 53 per cent.

Unfortunately, the public are wising up to the fraudulent manipulation of climate data to fit a political agenda (widespread), the true costs of the ETS to the Australian economy (huge), and the actual benefits of the ETS to the climate (none). They are also beginning to realise that the IPCC, which is Kevin Rudd’s and Penny Wong’s only source of information on climate science, is little more than an alarmist propaganda machine (read this PDF if you want to understand for yourself, and see this post from Watts Up With That: “IPCC has run its course“).

Defeating the ETS will bring on an election, and only an election campaign will allow the required investment in informing the Australian public about this harsh realities of this issue – we certainly can’t rely on the media.

Malcolm Turnbull to fight on

Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull

Dead Man Walking. Either he knows something the rest of us don’t or he really is a bit delusional about this, as there seems virtually no chance of Malcolm Turnbull surviving as leader, after half his frontbenchers deserted him last week. But despite that, he vows to continue:

[A] buccaneering Mr Turnbull swept into a press conference to declare he would not be bowed. In a performance widely praised for its resolve and clarity, Mr Turnbull said his party would lack credibility if it adopted a policy of no action on climate change.

“It is as simple as that,” he said. “We all recognise that most Australians expect their political leaders and their political parties to take effective action on climate change. [Not if you listen to talkback radio, they don't - Ed]

“This is about the future of our planet and the future of our children and their children. [Really, he's just channelling Kevin Rudd now - Ed]

“Australians expect their political leaders to act responsibly, to take action on climate change, to protect and safeguard the future of our planet, the future of our children. That is the challenge for us now and I am committed to it.”

Sources said that when Mr Turnbull arrived at work yesterday his email inbox was filled with messages of support praising his determination to stare down climate change deniers.

The messages were coming in at one a minute, with 95 per cent supportive, one source said.

“Forget for a minute what the party is saying,” said another. “Malcolm is right when he says that people want action on climate change and he is determined to argue that case. He won’t back down. He won’t resign.

“In the next couple of days he will take his campaign to the public and he will use their support next week. Don’t assume he will lose.” (source)

And, disappointingly, The Australian appears to be supporting Malcolm Turnbull on the need for an ETS, in an editorial today:

This week, Mr Turnbull was savaged for understanding what his opponents cannot comprehend, that whatever the science ultimately shows, Australians of all political persuasions believe humanity is responsible for global warming and the government has to act to reduce its impact. Mr Turnbull realises that the Rudd government’s ETS is not so different from what John Howard planned to put in place when he realised in his last term in office that the electorate wanted action on climate change. Mr Turnbull responded to the political realities by accepting it was the task of a responsible opposition to find the flaws in the government’s plan and demand improvements rather than reject it outright. He was right to do so. The Weekend Australian has always called for hard scientific evidence on human-induced global warming and has been criticised for publishing critics of the environmental orthodoxy. But the planet must be given the benefit of the doubt and the relatively low-cost ETS is the sort of market-based solution this newspaper has always advocated. Given the way the world is moving to limit emissions, it is important for Australia, as a major exporter of energy resources, to demonstrate an early commitment to cutting carbon pollution, if only to avoid the possibility of international sanctions [what?] in the future. (source)

Wrong, wrong, wrong – in so many ways, wrong. You say you want hard scientific evidence, but then “give the planet the benefit of the doubt” – have you not seen the CRU story? And now they are really toeing the Labor line by referring to carbon dioxide in the misleading manner Penny Wong and Kevin Rudd refer to it, as “carbon pollution”.

We all expect Fairfax and the ABC to peddle misinformation and alarmist propaganda about climate change. But there is little chance of the public truly understanding this issue when even The Australian does it too.

Queen Elizabeth gets political, urges "action on global warming"

Too political

Queen gets political at CHOGM

She should know better (or her speechwriters should know better). The Queen is above politics, but not when it comes to climate change apparently. Speaking at the opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM):

Queen Elizabeth II opened the Commonwealth summit Friday with a plea to leaders to act on global warming, which she called a threat to millions of people worldwide.

The Queen said Commonwealth nations have the opportunity to lead at the forthcoming Copenhagen summit on climate change.

“The threat to our environment is not a new concern,” she said. “But it is now a global challenge, which will continue to affect the security and stability of millions for years to come. Many of those affected are among the most vulnerable, and many of the people least well able to withstand the adverse effects of climate change live in the Commonwealth.”

As an expat Brit, this does not impress me one bit.

Read it here.

No ETS vote today – Senate resumes Monday

Government Senate Leader Chris Evans loses his rag big time as he realises there’s no way a vote will take place today. The Senate has been recalled for Monday at 10 am, by which time hopefully the Coalition will have a new leader and will have decided to dump the whole abomination.

More to follow.

Four hours, 7 amendments considered, 193 to go…

Gee, do you think they’ll get through it all by 3.45 (i.e in about 45 minutes time)? If it takes four hours for 7 amendments, it’ll take nearly five days for the remainder, even if they sit 24 hours a day!

Opposition and Greens senators have been putting a multitude of questions to Climate Change Minister Penny Wong on details surrounding the legislation, some of which have already been addressed.

The delaying tactics mean Labor’s hopes that there would be a Senate vote on the legislation by 1545 AEDT appear to have been scuppered.

Liberal senator Scott Ryan asked Senator Wong to clarify an answer already given to Greens senator Christine Milne about Kyoto units, which refer to certified levels of carbon emissions expressed in tonnes.

“With respect Senator Ryan, you’re doing a far better job than Senator (Julian) McGauran and Senator (Barnaby) Joyce yesterday in taking up a lot of time,” Senator Wong said.

“And that’s fine. We’ll continue to answer questions. You’re chasing every rabbit down every path.”

Yep. What a joke.

Read it here.

Julie Bishop "tells Turnbull to resign"

Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop

Breaking news from The Australian:

Julie Bishop has told Malcolm Turnbull he must resign as support grows for Joe Hockey to take over the Liberal leadership.

But Liberal MPs report a defiant Mr Turnbull was unmoved by her request.

The Deputy Liberal leader has understood canvassed the option with Mr Turnbull after support for his leadership collapsed.

There’s also speculation that other trusted lieutenants including NSW Liberal MP Scott Morrison may call on Mr Turnbull to stand down.

Turnbull clearly in denial…

Read it here.


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