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Sporadic posts

Due to involvement in another climate project for the next few weeks, blog posts may be a little irregular for a while. In the mean time, don’t forget to check the Live Blog Roll in the sidebar for all your… Read More ›

North Koreans embrace "Earth Year"

A backward, communist, pariah state dictatorship seems to do well at Earth Hour, in fact “Earth Year”, because it’s like this every hour up there in swinging North Korea. Compare with affluent, successful, democratic South Korea, with lights burning across… Read More ›

ABC: presumption of bias

It has now reached the stage with the ABC that there must be a presumption of bias, towards Labor and climate alarmism. And, as in its legal analogue, where there is a presumption, that presumption must be rebutted on each… Read More ›

Media hysteria over "Earth Hour"

Not a single mainstream media outlet has called out “Earth Hour” for the pointless gesture it really is – celebrating darkness and backwardness and abhorring human progress and achievement. The Australian and the ABC are wisely not touching it. Here are… Read More ›


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