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Bob Carter lashes Labor

A joy to read. Professor Bob Carter (who, let’s face it, is a proper scientist) teaches the warmist scaremongers Garnaut, Flannery, Combet and Gillard a lesson in basic science: Do you understand the meaning of the phrases “empirical science” and “hypothesis… Read More ›

Ju-liar the Puppet

Bill Leak in The Australian sums it up perfectly: Further coverage from the Oz: Carbon tax fight turns to petrol Full cost would cripple companies Tax could double price of power Carbon levy has failed overseas This policy backflip could… Read More ›

Ju-liar Gillard

Listen to Alan Jones eviscerate Gillard, and listen to Gillard’s arrogant bluster, full of contempt for the Australian electorate, and not an apology in sight for this disgraceful broken promise. [wpaudio url="" text="Alan Jones interviews Julia Gillard"]


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