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Quote of the Day: Ian Chubb

Ian Chubb is our Chief Scientist, and once again he indicates his belief that science is about counting heads, ignoring the hundreds of peer-reviewed papers that challenge that consensus, ignoring the fact that the IPCC ignores those papers, and looking… Read More ›

ABC's War on Science – Part 1

Following the lead of an infamous warmist blog, I thought we’d start a new regular section, the ABC’s War on Science, where we can document the national broadcaster’s frequent smears and attacks on anyone that dares question any part of… Read More ›

EU carbon market crashes

The shambles that is the EU is held up as a shining example of what Australia should aspire to be – fractured, miserable, uncertain, and verging on bankruptcy. Terrific. And to cap it all the carbon price has now crashed… Read More ›


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