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Quote of the Day: Greg Combet

Trying desperately to justify a pointless tax that nobody wants, Greg Combet plumbs new depths: “Tariffs were iconic, and even now they instantly reappear in debate as policy responses to contemporary economic pressures. “But John Button’s reforms made Australia stronger.”… Read More ›

US: Yet more bad science

It is an ugly theme that runs through the consensus camp – proper scientific processes corrupted in order to get the right result. You will recall that the US Environmental Protection Agency declared CO2 to be a “dangerous pollutant”, thereby… Read More ›

Who will Julia alienate next?

We’ve had the miners and resource workers with the MRRT, then the truckies with the “Convoy of No Consequence” comment (thanks A. Albanese), and, of course, those understandably concerned about the merits of a unilateral carbon tax (expressly ruled out… Read More ›


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