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Lawyer's view on climate science

It’s always interesting for me when a lawyer, trained and experienced in separating fact from fiction, turns his attention to climate science. Put the kind of sloppy generalisations, blatant political interference, fudged data and concealed evidence that underpins the entire… Read More ›

Last words on ANU FOI

ANU have stifled any further attempt to reach the truth in this matter, having (a) refused to comment any further through their media office; and (b) quoted nearly $40k to search through their documents for the further evidence I have… Read More ›

Yet more on Gergis

Steve McIntyre’s investigation into Gergis et al continues apace. His latest post investigates the “Law Dome” ice core series, and why it has never been published officially, despite being the highest resolution available for the last 2000 years. It was “screened… Read More ›


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