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Lewandowsky YouTube video

UPDATE [30 September]: Video appears broken. Still on YouTube, but black screen… mysterious. No – problem with browser – sorry! But we and WUWT did manage to make the video (and another related one by the Lew) The Conversation’s most… Read More ›

Lew – a few final thoughts

UPDATE: Take a look at this article [backup link] on ABC’s The Drum, from May 2010, which reveals that Lewandwosky had already made the link between scepticism and conspiracy theories well before his paper was published – he just needed the… Read More ›

'Lew, get a clew'

Quote of the Day comes from Judith Curry, who skewers the ridiculous antics of Lewandowsky: The latest ‘explanation’ for lack of belief in the IPCC consensus ‘truth’ is that these non believers are conspiracy theorists.  See Stephan Lewandowsky’s editorial Evidence is… Read More ›

Lewandowsky update

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the flood of articles on the Lew Paper. From Climate Audit we have: Lewandowsky: study “Useless” unless authors demonstrate “data integrity” Lewandowsky’s Unreported Results Lewandowsky’s Fake Results The SkS “Link” to the Lewandowsky Survey From WUWT: The… Read More ›

IPCC: 'an embarrassment to science'

Hang on, surely the IPCC is the ‘gold standard’ of climate science, impartially reviewing all the available peer-reviewed (and peer-reviewed only) papers and presenting a balanced and apolitical position? Why else would governments around the world base their entire climate… Read More ›

Sea level sanity returning?

The previous Labor government in New South Wales slavishly followed the IPCC’s alarmist predictions for sea level rise, imposing onerous restrictions on waterfront development and reducing property values significantly in the process. There have been a number of protests from… Read More ›

Lewandowsky update

More on the moon landing denier paper: UPDATE: Jo Nova: Lewandowsky does “science” by taunts and attempted parody instead of answering questions Lewandowsky names the five blogs contacted for the survey Climate Audit on moderation of comments over at Lewandowsky’s blog… Read More ›


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