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The ABC’s Charter

Pinched from Biased-BBC and tweaked remarkably little: The BBC ABC is an institution that must always be part of the public sector & funded by the licence fee taxpayer, Any criticism of the BBC ABC is simply the result of politicians attempting improper… Read More ›

Group-think described

Christopher Booker, writing in the UK Telegraph, points to a fascinating extract from a book entitled “The Blunders of our Governments” by Anthony King and Ivor Crewe. The extract in question refers to the work of an American psychology professor in… Read More ›

Answer: Yes, it will!

Climate propaganda outfit Forecast the Facts posted this on Twitter: First snow in Egypt in 112 years. #climatechanged via @gedeon777 — Forecast The Facts (@ForecastFacts) December 14, 2013 Shame the picture is actually from a theme park in Japan…… Read More ›


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