Dr Karl’s Klimate Krap…

More Klimate Krap

More Klimate Krap

Dr Karl is on a krappy Krusade… to keep the warming scare going.

Rusted-on warmists like Dr Karl have invested so much emotional energy in their substitute religion that when the evidence no longer fits their theory, they just, er,  ignore the evidence. It’s tragic to see a supposed “scientist” in such a confused state of cognitive dissonance:

In general, scientists are a pretty mild and inoffensive bunch. But over the last decade, one specific group of scientists has come in for a lot of criticism. So let’s dive into the topic of ‘the pause in global warming’.

In the USA, the Wall Street Journal wrote, “temperatures have been flat for 15 years – nobody can properly explain it.”

Another newspaper from the same stable, the UK Daily Mail wrote “global warming ‘pause’ may last 20 more years, and Arctic sea ice has already started to recover”. Both of these statements are very reassuring, but unfortunately, very very wrong.

With regard to this ‘pause’, there are two major claims made by those who deny the science of climate change.

The first one is that the climate is actually cooling – not warming. This is incorrect.

The second claim is that after some previous warming, the global climate is now constant, and neither warming nor cooling. In other words, that the climate is in a kind of holding pattern, or haitus. This is also incorrect.

You can read the rest here, but quite frankly, save your time. Rather than accept that something is going on that the models failed to predict, Dr Karl would rather stick his fingers in his ears and shout “La, la, la!” Pretty much like the ABC in general, really…

Terror threat level raised to ‘High’ – Methodists blamed

John Wesley - dangerous radical

John Wesley – dangerous radical

Satire alert: Australia today raised the terror threat level to ‘high’ as a result of the increasing risk posed by fundamental Methodists.

In a press release issued by the radical Methodist State from a secret location in a sleepy part of Cornwall, UK (and right next to a very good tea shop, which is handy), it has warned that unless it receives enough cup-cakes and chocolate biscuits for the bring-and-buy sale on Saturday, it will be forced to instruct its militants, who will all be wearing the now-familiar chunky wool cardigans made for them by the ladies’ knitting circle, to go into the streets to carry out random acts of kindness on unsuspecting strangers.

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Breaking news: nothing has anything to do with Islam

Nothing to do with Islam, OK?

Nothing to do with Islam, OK?

Satire alert: Islamic leaders have issued a statement explaining that nothing, including Qur’an, mosques and even Muslims themselves, has anything to do with Islam. The statement was widely applauded by President Obama and David Cameron, who have been making this point frequently for many years.

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Islamic State terrorists traumatised by shocking Islamophobia video

Will the Islamophobia ever end?

Will the Islamophobia ever end?

Satire alert: Islamic State terrorists in Iraq have described as ‘barbaric and appalling’ a new video posted on YouTube, purporting to show Muslims being subjected to a vicious Islamophobic verbal assault which brutally links the violent actions of the Islamic State with the ‘Religion of Peace’.

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No amount of appeasement is ever enough

So in other words, why bother? Hizb ut-Tahrir’s verdict on attempts by the Abbott government to engage Islamic groups and deal with the threat of terrorist attacks on home soil:

“This is classical fearmongering, which Irvine and Abbott are taking turns at employing. Any threat can be trumped up by consistent focus and hyperbolic commentary. We keep hearing about 150 Muslims who’ve gone to Syria and what might happen when they might come back. We haven’t heard anything about the numerous Jews who travel to train and fight with the IDF annually and the threat they pose on return. Indeed, where is the debate about returning IDF trainees potentially killing little boys as they play on the beaches of Sydney and Melbourne?”


Muslim leaders ‘denounce’ anti-terror laws

Calm and measured response, as usual

Calm and measured response, as usual

Now there’s a surprise.

Muslim leaders ‘denounce’ anti-terror laws

Islamic leaders rush to take offence

Any imagined slight by the filthy kafir is enough to send the Islamic leaders flouncing off:

True Colours Revealed (again)


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