No amount of appeasement is ever enough

So in other words, why bother? Hizb ut-Tahrir’s verdict on attempts by the Abbott government to engage Islamic groups and deal with the threat of terrorist attacks on home soil:

“This is classical fearmongering, which Irvine and Abbott are taking turns at employing. Any threat can be trumped up by consistent focus and hyperbolic commentary. We keep hearing about 150 Muslims who’ve gone to Syria and what might happen when they might come back. We haven’t heard anything about the numerous Jews who travel to train and fight with the IDF annually and the threat they pose on return. Indeed, where is the debate about returning IDF trainees potentially killing little boys as they play on the beaches of Sydney and Melbourne?”


Muslim leaders ‘denounce’ anti-terror laws

Calm and measured response, as usual

Calm and measured response, as usual

Now there’s a surprise.

Muslim leaders ‘denounce’ anti-terror laws

Islamic leaders rush to take offence

Any imagined slight by the filthy kafir is enough to send the Islamic leaders flouncing off:

True Colours Revealed (again)

Muslims rush to play the victim card

The Islamic Council of Victoria huffs off from talks with the Prime Minister, citing ‘inflammatory and ill informed’ comments.

So what else is new?

Islamic Council of Victoria pulls out of meeting with Abbott

‘My flag is the flag of Allah. That’s my flag.’

Doesn’t sound very ‘Team Australia’, does it?

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New blog: Aussie Madness



I appreciate that a climate blog isn’t the best place to discuss general Aussie politics (except in relation to climate), so I would very much like to point you to my new politics blog, Aussie Madness. You can find it here:

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‘Has Australia gone mad, or is it just me?’

Are we heading towards a third global conflict?



If so, it will be, like the second, between civilised men and an evil, savage political ideology, the aim of which is to take over the world.

This post was prompted by the photo (right) which appeared in today’s Daily Telegraph, and shows a 7-year-old boy, allegedly the son of ‘Australian’ jihadist Khaled Sharrouf, holding a severed head. His father proudly tweeted it. Read the full article here and ask yourself in disbelief, as I did, how we could possibly find ourselves in this situation in the 21st century.

The US have admitted that the Islamic State (IS) is now more powerful than Al-Qaeda at the time of 9/11, and it’s only a matter of time before the existence of IS emboldens its supporters throughout the world, many of whom are now deeply embedded in Western democracies, with potentially frightening consequences for domestic security.

Did we try to negotiate with the ‘moderate’ Nazis in 1939? Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement, sacrificing Czechoslovakia in exchange for an empty promise of peace, failed, and succeeded only in strengthening Hitler’s resolve. Churchill, however, got it right: you don’t feed a crocodile hoping it will eat you last.

Anyone who believes that this is just some remote issue, in a far away country which won’t affect us, needs to wake up fast.


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