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The ABC’s Charter

Pinched from Biased-BBC and tweaked remarkably little: The BBC ABC is an institution that must always be part of the public sector & funded by the licence fee taxpayer, Any criticism of the BBC ABC is simply the result of politicians attempting improper… Read More ›

ABC bias apes BBC

The ABC is the taxpayer-funded, hermetically-sealed bubble of poisonous green/left ideology masquerading as an impartial media outlet, following closely in the footsteps of the UK’s BBC. Just as Maurice Newman, former chairman of the ABC has railed against the corporation’s… Read More ›

Reform of the ABC long overdue

This blog has frequently exposed the barely-concealed left-wing bias of our publicly funded broadcaster, the ABC. As Gerard Henderson points out regularly on his must-read Media Watch Dog, there isn’t a single conservative presenter or editor on any mainstream current affairs… Read More ›

ABC plugs Greenpeace alarmism

Greenpeace is an extremist environmental activist organisation. It cares little for the plight of humanity, which it no doubt regards as a plague of locusts upon Gaia’s unblemished cheek, and is only concerned about “saving the planet”: Greenpeace exists because… Read More ›

ABC's alarmism fest

UPDATE: They just keep on comin’… Warming planet to threaten native species What effect will climate change have on Australia’s animal and plant species? This is the fourth of a five-part series in which environment reporter Sarah Clarke sets out to provide… Read More ›


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