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Rudd's ETS quandary

Thanks to the weak-as-water outcome from Copenhagen, the ETS is sunk. Kevin Rudd’s desire to arrive at Copenhagen with a trophy has scuppered any possible chance of the two errors in four words “Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme”. Just think about it… Read More ›

Where's Ruddy?

You would have thought that Kevin Rudd, after the “triumph” of Copenhagen, would be bursting to bore the Australian public rigid about the amazing, “historic,” “unprecedented,” [insert fifteen more adjectives here] deal struck and how it’s now full steam ahead… Read More ›

Copenhagen: the aftermath

The general reaction has been “a lot of hot air”, which just about sums it up: GLOBAL leaders went to Copenhagen to save the world but used the final hours to desperately try and save face. A “frustrated” Prime Minister… Read More ›


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