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Freedom of Information Update

Lewandowsky – Universtiy of Western Australia Graham Readfearn complains at DeSmogBlog that climate bloggers including myself are: “using FOI to rifle through scientists’ daily emails. … [FOI] is a law which appears to have been hijacked by climate science sceptics… Read More ›

Lew – a few final thoughts

UPDATE: Take a look at this article [backup link] on ABC’s The Drum, from May 2010, which reveals that Lewandwosky had already made the link between scepticism and conspiracy theories well before his paper was published – he just needed the… Read More ›

Lewandowsky update

More on the moon landing denier paper: UPDATE: Jo Nova: Lewandowsky does “science” by taunts and attempted parody instead of answering questions Lewandowsky names the five blogs contacted for the survey Climate Audit on moderation of comments over at Lewandowsky’s blog… Read More ›

Lewandowsky update

Yet more on the ‘moon landing denier’ paper from the buddy of John Cook at Un-Skeptical Pseudo-Science, who has a long history of smearing sceptics, and who devises a survey which conveniently shows that those who question the climate consensus are conspiracy… Read More ›

Last words on ANU FOI

ANU have stifled any further attempt to reach the truth in this matter, having (a) refused to comment any further through their media office; and (b) quoted nearly $40k to search through their documents for the further evidence I have… Read More ›


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