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Quote of the Day: Megan McArdle

Wonderful quote from The Atlantic on Gleick: And ethics aside, what Gleick did is insane for someone in his position–so crazy that I confess to wondering whether he doesn’t have some sort of underlying medical condition that requires urgent treatment.  The… Read More ›

Heartland: Gleick roundup

Naturally, the blogs are full of the Gleick admission that it was he who solicited and then distributed confidential Heartland documents. Here is some recommended reading: Judith Curry When ‘Heartlandgate’ first broke, I saw no parallels with Climategate.  Now, with… Read More ›

Heartland: more on Gleick

After today’s revelation that Peter Gleick had admitted to soliciting the confidential Heartland documents and distributing them to the bloggers, it occurred to me that suspicion had already fallen on Gleick in several blog posts and comments, including at Roger… Read More ›

Heartland Roundup

Some great articles on Fakegate (the Heartland document release) from around the blogosphere (illustrated by Josh). Should we be surprised that the main document referred to at the Big-Green-funded smear blogs was a fake? No. Faking stuff is what the… Read More ›


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