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"What if they are wrong?"

Mike Stopa, a physicist specialising in computation and nanoscience in the Physics Department at Harvard [cries of "not a climate scientist!" from the headbangers] writes at his blog: Here I ask this. Suppose it turns out that CO2 has essentially… Read More ›

Quote of the Day: Brian Schmidt

The Nobel laureate Professor Brian Schmidt, announced today as the Australian of the Year, on science and politics: Science should inform policy, but must not become politicised, he says. “On issues like climate change, coal-seam gas, water management in the… Read More ›

US: Yet more bad science

It is an ugly theme that runs through the consensus camp – proper scientific processes corrupted in order to get the right result. You will recall that the US Environmental Protection Agency declared CO2 to be a “dangerous pollutant”, thereby… Read More ›

Roy Spencer responds to Dessler

Roy Spencer has indicated he will be preparing a paper in response to Dessler’s response to Spencer and Braswell’s original paper in Remote Sensing - although he jokes it will take longer than six weeks to get peer-reviewed (because sceptical papers… Read More ›


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