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Rudd the psychopath

UPDATE: Rudd is branded an “elitist grub who thinks he is superior to all” by someone who had the misfortune to have to work with him, whereas Abbott is a “gentleman with a capital G”. Following the debate last night,… Read More ›

Lemon, Lime and Bitter

On the anniversary of his final squeeze into the gin and tonic of history, the Liberals resurrect Kevin O’Lemon in preparation for a possible return of Rudd: The Government had “lost its way”, Ms Gillard said. Well, twelve months on… Read More ›

"Horror poll" for Gillard

The Sydney Morning Herald tries valiantly to put a favourable gloss on this (see here), but in the end, it’s lipstick on a pig. Gillard is sinking faster than a Pacific island. And to add to Gillard’s woes, Kevin 747… Read More ›

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