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Carbon tax will bury Labor

A big public kissy-kissy party in the House of Reps after the vote, to rub the electorate’s collective noses in it, probably didn’t do much to help either: TONY Abbott would be handed an overwhelming mandate to abolish the carbon… Read More ›

Labor abandons its core vote

… in favour of an urban green intelligentsia. Summed up by that front-bench schoolyard bully Anthony Albanese, ridiculing the Convoy of No Confidence: “The Convoy of No Consequence outside. The Convoy of No Consequence, Mr Speaker. The Convoy of No… Read More ›

Labor's death spiral

There is no respite for Labor. Julia Gillard has talked of everything except the carbon tax, and her popularity, and that of her government are still at record lows. As I have said before, people have simply switched off to… Read More ›


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