US looks to Australia for how best to ruin its economy

Australia is steaming ahead with an economy-crippling ETS, so other countries are now looking to us for tips as to the best way to cripple theirs too, including the US:

Edgard Kagan, the economic counsellor at the US Embassy in Canberra, says US officials are awaiting with interest the Federal Government’s carbon reduction scheme white paper, which is due in just under a fortnight.

“There’s a great deal of interest within the parts of the US Government that deal with climate change issues in what Australia’s doing, because there are tremendous similarities between the US and Australian economies, both in geographic scale and structure of the economy,” he said.

Both countries also have moonbatty watermelon leaders (green on outside, red on inside). And more “tremendous similarities” will follow, as the economies of both countries disappear down the gurgler.

Read it here.

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