Climate sense from Terry McCrann

An excellent article in the Courier Mail skewers the whole “Australia should go it alone” myth:

For everyone else, you need to put together one basic reality and one utterly undeniable fact.

That our emission reductions can make absolutely no difference to the climate outcome. Either for the world, for Australia, or in relation to bushfires and floods.

One of the great deceptions from the climate believers is to imply the reverse. That if you turn off the lights, you will save us from bushfires. We produce just 1.5 per cent of total emissions. We cut to zero tomorrow and it makes not the slightest difference to the climate. And again to stress, not just the global climate but our own little piece of it.

We can’t create a low carbon dioxide bubble over this continent. Our climate is in the hands of the US and China principally, and then India and Europe after that.

Read it all.


  1. Anonymous says:

    “were the entire U.S. to close down its economycompletely and revert to the Stone Age, without even the ability to light fires, thegrowth in emissions from China alone would replace its entire emissions in alittle less than a decade. In this context, mere emissions restrictions enacted byany locality, state, or multi-state region would be extravagantly pointless.” am in California, we have already started with this stupidity. Businesses are running for the exits. Nearby states are offering big incentives to move. You can use our state as an example of what not to do.Rick

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