Wong refuses to budge an inch on ETS timing

It’s like banging your head against a very large, very solid brick wall listening to Penny Wong. Nothing, repeat nothing, ever gets through. So we’ve hardly had a chance to draw breath after UN climate change bigwig Yvo de Boer said that we don’t need to legislate the ETS before Copenhagen, and guess what Penny does? That’s right, completely ignores it and ploughs on regardless, as she makes clear in this transcript from ABC’s The World Today. Sabra Lane doesn’t do a bad job of trying to get Ms Wong’s icy façade to crack, but it’s just no use:

SABRA LANE: Penny Wong, the head of the United Nations’ climate change agency Yvo de Boer says it doesn’t matter if Australia doesn’t have an emissions trading scheme in place by the time of the Copenhagen talks in December.

That blows a pretty big hole in your argument, doesn’t it?

PENNY WONG: Well look what Yvo went on to say was that these are matters of domestic policy and domestic issues. What the Government is saying to the Australian people is this – that we want Australia, Australian businesses to know how we will meet the targets we sign up to in Copenhagen. We think that is the responsible thing to do and that is what passing the legislation will provide.

SABRA LANE: But he was specifically asked if it mattered and he said quite honestly, no.

PENNY WONG: The Government’s view is and it’s a very logical position is that a failure to legislate does weaken our negotiating position.

We have to look at the national interest. We think it is in the national interest to ensure that we have a way of meeting the targets we sign up to and when I as Minister and in Copenhagen, I want Australians to know how we can meet the targets that we will be committing to.

I am utterly sick and tired of listening to the same old nonsense from this arrogant, self-satisfied, self-opinionated, out of touch government.

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Alarmists are the new deniers

Back in January, ACM made the comment that those who deny that the planet is cooling will be the new “deniers” in 2009 (see here). Dr Roy Spencer has picked up on that same theme in a new article, branding them “natural climate cycle deniers”:

The natural climate cycle deniers have tried their best to eliminate the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age from climate data records by constructing the uncritically acclaimed and infamous “hockey stick” of global temperature variations (or non-variations) over the last one- to two-thousand years.

And when the natural cycle deniers demand changes in energy policy, most of them never imagine that they might personally be inconvenienced by those policies. Like Al Gore, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Leonardo DiCaprio, they scornfully look down upon the rest of humanity for using up the natural resources that they want for themselves.

And the few who freely choose to live such a life then want to deny others the freedom to choose, by either regulating or legislating everyone else’s behavior to conform to their own behavior.

The natural climate cycle deniers’ supposedly impartial science is funded by government research dollars that would mostly dry up if the fears of manmade global warming were to evaporate. With contempt they point at the few million dollars that Exxon-Mobil spent years ago to support a few scientists who maintained a healthy skepticism about the science, while the scientific establishment continues to spent tens of billions of your tax dollars.

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UPDATED: Even UN thinks Rudd's ETS rush is unnecessary

Kevin Rudd’s excuses for trying to force through the ETS legislation before Copenhagen are in tatters. Now even the moonbattish UN has stated that there is no urgency for the scheme to be in place before the climate summit:

It won’t matter if Australia doesn’t have its emissions trading scheme finalised by December’s Copenhagen climate change talks, the head of the UN’s climate change agency says.

Other nations will only care that the federal government has made a commitment to reduce emissions targets ahead of the summit, Yvo de Boer says.

“I think everybody is very happy with what Australia is doing,” he told ABC radio.

But when asked whether it mattered if Australia arrived at Copenhagen in December with a scheme in place, he replied: “Quite honestly no.”

So there you have it, from the horse’s mouth: a commitment is all that’s required. Kevin Rudd’s blinkered urge to see the ETS enshrined in legislation before December is exposed as nothing but political posturing. Enough is enough, Mr Rudd. Delay the ETS until after Copenhagen. End of story.

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UPDATE: See Penny Wong’s knee-jerk response here [Can you guess what it is? – Ed]

The Daily Bayonet – GW Hoax Weekly Roundup

A welcome return for the Weekly Roundup – always a great read!

Krudd's address to ALP conference

More of the same from our great leader. Spin, spin and more spin, especially on climate. Don’t forget of course, he’s preaching to the ALP faithful, so he can say what the hell he likes and get away with it, which, curiously, is precisely what he does…

The climate change sceptics constantly scare-monger about the possible loss of jobs through the transition to a lower carbon economy. [“Possible”? Try “inevitable” – Ed]

But they constantly fail to talk about the new clean energy jobs of the future which will arise from the introduction of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, the renewable energy target and energy efficiency measures in the future. [Ah, yes, of course, the new green economy – a myth – Ed]

Specifically, these fifty thousand positions will be made up of: [Hope you’re ready for this…]

  • 4000 disadvantaged job seekers participating in the current insulation program [paid for by the taxpayer];
  • 6000 local green jobs through the jobs fund;
  • 10,000 places in a new National Green Jobs Corps; [WTF? – Ed]
  • 30,000 trainees and apprentices in priority sectors of the building and construction sectors and other trades, where places will concentrate across the range of “green skills” competencies that will be needed in the future. These will be achieved through a new National Green Skills Agreement and will start building a new skill base in existing industries and cutting-edge industries, and create jobs and opportunities for generations to come. [Can someone please tell me, is this for real or have we moved into some kind of “Chaser”-style parody land? – Ed]

The practical job-ready skills included in this training will include:

  • Training electricians in the installation of solar energy [which nobody wants];
  • Training plumbers in the installation of water-recycling, plumbing systems; and
  • Training workers in the booming home insulation industry and the retro-fitting of buildings to reduce energy consumption. [All paid for by you and me and every other poor taxpayer in the country – Ed]

There really is no comment which will do justice to this pitiful nonsense.

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UK – Bird charity protests against wind farms

Gordon Brown’s lame duck government continues to plough headlong into economic oblivion by crippling the economy with emissions reduction schemes and believing the fairytale that renewable energy is currently a realistic alternative to coal. And now yet another spanner is thrown in the works, as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) lodges formal protests against a new wind farm:

Europe’s largest onshore windfarm project has been thrown in severe doubt after the RSPB and official government agencies lodged formal objections to the 150-turbine plan, it emerged today.

The setback adds to the problems facing the government’s ambition to install 10,000 new turbines across the UK by 2020 as part of its plan to cut the carbon emissions causing climate change. [This is the lefty/moonbat Guardian, after all, hence the lack of any qualifying “which may be” in that last statement. Science is settled, you denier you – Ed]

The proposed 550MW windfarm, sprawling across the centre of Shetland’s main island, would add almost 20% to existing onshore wind capacity. But the objectors say the plans could seriously damage breeding sites for endangered birds, including a rare wader, the whimbrel, which was unexpectedly discovered by the windfarm developer’s own environmental survey teams. [Oops! Classic own goal there! Fire that environmental survey team’s butt – Ed] Other species at risk include the red throated diver, golden plover and merlin.

The RSPB heavily criticised the proposal from Viking Energy after initially indicating it could support the scheme.

Read it here. (h/t Daily Bayonet)

Ammo for sceptics – hurricanes and tropical cyclones

Next time you hear an alarmist parrot the line: “Global warming is causing more frequent and more intense hurricanes/tropical cyclones” (© Al Gore and thousands of others), point them to the following chart, which shows Northern Hemisphere Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) in May, June and July:
Note how nothing has changed significantly since 1970… And as Anthony Watts points out, note where 2009 is in the scheme of things.

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