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More photos of the "thousands" at global "350" protests

Here are the thousands that turned up in Rome:

There are precisely 58 people. I just counted them. And that’s in a city of 3.7 million. They couldn’t write the message on the ground except by lying down. Here are the thousands that turned up in Kiev (pop. 2.8 million):

Maybe a hundred, if we’re being generous (excluding all the bystanders looking puzzled). But at least they could all stand up. Yet despite the almost laughably small size of these protests, they get huge coverage in the media. A Google news search of “350 climate” yields no less than 2,521 news articles in the past day (see here). Just another example of the undue weight the alarmist media affords to a tiny news story when it has the magic words “climate change” in it.
The photos are grabbed from a BBC story here.

"350" Protest – that's the number that turned up…

All the moonbat media are talking this up as if it’s a big deal, but of course, the pictures tell a different story. Here’s The Age on the protests:

Thousands of people gathered on the steps of the Opera House for an outdoor concert and formed a giant 350 with their bodies, one of more than 200 events to be staged across the continent, said spokeswoman Blair Palese.

But here’s the reality:

350 is approximately the number of protesters that turned up…

A few hundred at best. In Melbourne there were about half a dozen bikes, and in Darwin, the march looked more like a few lonely stragglers out for a stroll. But hang on, this is the biggest challenge to humanity since the dawn of time, isn’t it? More from Ms Palese:

“Our global emissions are now perilously high, at 387 ppm [she means, of course, the current proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 387 ppm, which has absolutely nothing to do with “global emissions”, but that is just the kind of sloppy thinking we are used to from environmentalists who do not have a clue what they are talking about – Ed],” Palese said. [And a good job she wasn’t around in the Cambrian period, when CO2 reached seven THOUSAND ppm, or even the more recent Cretaceous, when CO2 was still well over two thousand ppm – she would have probably expired with the shock – Ed]

“The majority of expert scientists now say this has to come down to 350 ppm to avoid dangerous climate change. is calling for our political leaders make this their target.”

Like you can just twiddle a knob and tinker with the climate. Yeah, right.

Read it here.

Carbon Sense – "Why Compromise is Defeat"

Another excellent article from Viv Forbes at the Carbon Sense Coalition:

The next few weeks are crucial. Australians can choose to assist the creation of the World Carbon Rationing, Tax and Redistribution Authority, administered by the United Nations, or we can take a step on the road back to energy and climate sanity.

The first step to sanity is to ensure that the opposition votes at all times to REJECT whatever Ration-N-Tax Scheme the Rudd government tries to get on the law books before the Copenhagen Climate Conclave. We must give no encouragement whatsoever to this international cabal of levellers.

Malcolm Turnbull and the warmist wing of the Liberal Party think that they are being politically savvy and achieving something useful by negotiating with the devil on a few clauses of the ETS (Extra Tax System). In matters as crucial as this, compromise is defeat.

Read it here.

If Higgins votes in Hamilton, they will get what they deserve

Clive Hamilton, enviro-loony from the extreme Left and author of Scorcher: The Dirty Politics of Climate Change, is the Greens’ candidate for the seat of Higgins, vacated by Peter Cosello. If the electorate in Higgins are dumb enough to vote this guy in, they will surely receive their just desserts. The Canberra Times goes typically misty eyed over this brave climate warrior:

”The motivating factor was that I’m just … terrified about climate change. I think it’s a massive problem looming on the horizon and the two main parties are oscillating between being weak and being pathetic on the issue,” Dr Hamilton told The Canberra Times.

He became a Member of the Order of Australia this year for ”contributions to public debate and public policy”, was the ACT finalist for Australia of the Year two years ago and finalist for the Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year in 2001.

Looks like you need to be a climate hysteric to win the gongs in Australia. Nauseating stuff.

Read it here. 

UPDATE: Doesn’t seem to like koalas, either… see here.

"Thousands" will attend climate protests

The dog-on-a-string brigade will be out in force today protesting about the lack of action on “tackling climate change”. So all the usual suspects will be there, namely the Socialist Alliance, Socialist Youth Organisation, Socialist Alternative (like here, for example), oh yes, and a few Greens for good measure. Who says climate alarmism is about social change? And the ABC churns out its usual misleading photograph of CO2 to illustrate the story:

Harmless, colourless CO2, or is it particulates and toxins?

Australia will lead a day of international climate protests calling on world leaders to cut the planet’s pollution and deliver a climate deal in December.

More than 170 countries are taking part in today’s demonstration, with more than 3,000 events planned around the world.

Protesters are concerned that world leaders, including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, have not delivered strong enough emissions targets to avoid runaway climate change.

The day of protests kicks off in Australia with thousands expected to attend more than 230 events organised across the country.

Read it here.

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