Climate talks end in division and pessimism

It's that black CO2 again…

It's that black CO2 again…

Ah, a headline to cheer the heart and lift the spirits. The longer an emissions reduction treaty can be delayed, the more the earth will fail to match the flawed climate models, and the more obvious it will be that anthropogenic carbon dioxide has little to do with the climate. We may, just, be able to salvage some of the prosperity that Western democracies have achieved over the past hundred years of economic and technological development, and which they seem so keen to chuck away in the dumpster:

The last United Nations negotiating session before next month’s Copenhagen summit on climate change has ended in Spain, with rich and poor nations still deeply divided.

Officials say a new treaty to replace the Kyoto accords on greenhouse gas emissions could take another year.

UN officials have admitted progress has been so slow on the most difficult issues they will need more time to legally seal the deal.

The key problems are targets for emissions cuts and money for poorer nations.

Copenhagen could still lead to a significant political agreement, but if it happens it will be a major achievement.

Above targets, money and technology, one major element was clearly missing this week – trust.

And the less chance of any binding agreement at Copenhagen means the more ludicrous Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong’s determination to railroad the ETS through parliament becomes.

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  1. “one major element was clearly missing this week – trust.”

    True dat. The longer the Copenhagen treaty is delayed, the more time people all over the world will have to wake up and understand what’s really at stake in Copenhagen: World Government. The UN has blown it by being so secretive about what’s at stake. All they say is the planet is in peril, and we don’t have time to waste. Well now that the truth is leaking out, the public has lost it’s trust in the UN. It’s their own doing, had they been up front about what they were up to, people would have time to think, debate and decide whether we really want a new layer of government. But the UN blew it by keeping the truth under the cloak of “global warming”. Nice work UN.

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