Head-pop at UK Guardian over Australia's "deniers"



Why oh why oh why can’t the “deniers” just stop asking awkward questions, and just trust us?

I mean, we global warming scientists always tell the truth, don’t we? Our scientific ethics are as pure as the driven snow. We never exaggerate and peddle scare stories just to get a good headline, we never fudge and fiddle data to make it fit a pre-conceived agenda, we never destroy original observations so they can never be checked, and we are always completely transparent about our scientific methods, happy to comply with each and every FOI request that we receive.

Now back to the real world… The famously moonbattish Grauniad advocates censorship in order to ram through the global warming agenda. Only the title and the sub-heading are required:

Why do climate deniers hold sway in Australia?

If Australia does not silence its sceptics and reduce its emissions there is a real risk of the nation becoming uninhabitable.

Apart from the fact that “silencing sceptics” is the antithesis of the scientific method, reducing Australia’s emissions, by 5%, 10%, even 100%, will make not one iota of difference to the climate, local or global, and will have no bearing on whether the nation “becomes uninhabitable.”

Don’t forget that the opposite of “sceptical” is “gullible.”

Idiotic climate madness on an epic scale.

Read it here (h/t Climate Depot)


  1. Tom J. Arnold. says:

    The grauniad is worried that the scepticism of Australians will drift and ‘pollute’ British msm and affect the British political arena -, already sceptical Tories in Britain are beginning to make their voices heard.
    David Davies is a sceptic at heart and the parties’ grassroots vote do not share ‘Cast iron’ Dave Cameron’s enthusiasm for hugging a husky/saving the polar bears.
    To the Aussies, I say congrats, the ETS scheme would have been a disaster for the country, but you don’t need a pommie to tell yer that.

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