Copenhagen opening video: pure emotional blackmail

Let’s just get this straight. The delegates at COP15 in Copenhagen are aiming to agree reductions in global emissions that will make one of the most significant changes to our economy in centuries, and which will have devastating effects on economies the world over, and yet how do they start off the conference? Not as they should have done with cool-headed analyses of the facts and science, but with a sickening example of emotional blackmail.

Children were the focus at the opening. The launch began with a video showing a young girl having a nightmare about global warming. She watched her playground turn into a desert wasteland, and screamed as she battled terrifying floods. (source)

Here is the video – watch it in full:

More than anything else, this video encapsulates everything you need to know about Copenhagen. It is nothing more than a desperate environmental crusade and a political circus. Nothing, especially the science, will stop it.


  1. what a load of,,,,hype!
    letting kids be brainwashed by this scare campaign is disgusting for starters
    I remember being very upset by Biafran images in womens weekly as a kid, and that was simply the basic factual reporting NOT hyped up and promoted worldwide with intent to terrify!
    THIS is sheer criminal abuse of childrens minds!
    I love that the kids allowed onto a Hig wet and unrailled rooftop to stand alone to take her picture…and that? is responsible parenting too I guess?
    ( note polar bear, not a standard teddy:-) how crass!
    why? are people NOT waking up to this?

  2. I’m afraid it’s worse than we thought, COP15 that is!

  3. NikFromNYC says:

    Enjoy my tonic eye candy antidote as a defense against weird propaganda that’s not FUNNY. The whole earth breaking open is not a very good argument. Jesus, actually I’m scared now too. I change my mind…my graphics are utter bunk. Have a look at how utterly deluded I was before! She lost her teddy in an earthquake, a tornado killed her entire city, then her desert was flooded and then Africa is doomed!

    Wait…did they just say Africa? Oh lord. Here’s the oldest thermometer station in Africa, at it’s southern tip:

    Oh yeah…oh oh oh…it be coolin’…down under all asunder it be cool down thar…

  4. Tom J. Arnold. says:

    I think this treads the fine line between BS and amorality, to use children, how cynical is that?
    But we know what a set off f*** wits they are, the IPCC/EU/Denmark flunkies/Eco Fascists/whack job politicians/Al Gore/WWF/Friends of the Earth…….. and they will stoop at nothing to further their political and self aggrandizing aims and using this sort of propaganda is to their minds, “OK”.
    Give me strength.

  5. hate mail of that kind shows the true state of mind of the climate sceptics: DERANGED

    • @Netra: Really? It’s the sceptics that are deranged? Why the need for such climate porn to make the point? Seems like the individual who put that video together is pretty sick too.

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