UK Met Office Madness: 10 years to "save the world"



When I was growing up in the UK, the Met Office was the centre of cool-headed, scientific thinking. As a kid I used to listen to the Shipping Forecast and plot synoptic charts from the observations. So much has changed. The Met Office is now the centre for hysterical climate alarmism, devoid of any scientific impartiality, it is now just a political mouthpiece, as evidenced by its latest rant:

The world has just ten years to bring greenhouse gas emissions under control before the damage they cause become irreversible, the Met Office has warned.

Should nations fail to tackle the issue, giant mirrors in space, artificial trees and other so called “geo-engineering solutions” will be the only way to prevent disastrous overheating of the planet, the researchers warned.

More than 190 countries are gathered in Copenhagen for UN climate change talks aimed at keeping global temperature rise below 3.6F (2C).

Pollution [pollution? – Ed] from cars and factories will have to be declining at a rate of five per cent a year by 2020, the Met Office said.

World emissions are currently growing at around three per cent per annum and it will take massive investment in renewable energy, electric cars, nuclear and other green technologies to stop the growth.

It is estimated it would cost the world around 2.5 per cent of GDP or £150 for every person on the planet to make such massive cuts.

Jason Lowe, head of mitigation advice at the Met Office, said that if the world does not manage to turn the situation around in time then temperatures will rise by more than 2C “unless you can pull carbon dioxide out of the air or reflect sunlight back into space”.

Mr Lowe knows when he’s on to a good thing. If mitigation weren’t required, he’d be out of a job.

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  1. I realize that Ban-Ki Moonbat were just counting down to Jokenhagen when they were saying “six months” or “four months” to save the planet, but haven’t these “end of the world” goal posts been moved a few times already?
    I’m pretty sure Captain Carbon, Al Gore, or Prince Charles or James Hansen or multiple other twits said “10 years to save the planet” more than 10 years ago.
    Too bad they won’t all end up like the Heaven’s Gate cult

  2. Forgot to add Gordon Brown to the subject of that first sentence.

  3. Go take a lesson in elementary science before you show your ignorance on the subject of GW. until then you are not making any sense.

  4. Notice they want to limit warming to less than 2degC.
    They are on a winner,”natural warming is 0.4 to 1.1 degc
    So they will say “we have saved the planet”

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