US: Shock Democrat loss in Massachusetts

Ex-Worst President

The party’s over for Obama. And how. Maybe it’s something to do with all spin and no substance (a bit like Kevin Rudd really), and promising to pay billions of US taxpayers money to third world countries to advance the cause of global socialism, er, “tackle climate change”:

At 9.20pm today, in Massachusetts, or 1.20pm on the Australian east coast, the era of Obamamania abruptly ended. The euphoria surrounding the elevation of Barack Obama to the American presidency was brought to a crashing end.

It didn’t even last a year.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Obama’s inauguration as President of the United States.

On the eve of that anniversary, the people of Massachusetts, the bluest of blue Democratic states, delivered a thunderous rejection of the Democratic Party and, by implication, the President.

In a special election to fill the seat vacated by the late Senator Ted Kennedy, the people of Massachusetts did something they had not done for more than 40 years: they elected a Republican to represent them in the Senate.

This was unimaginable one year ago, as Washington was gripped by euphoria over the charismatic Obama.

Shockingly, today’s election wasn’t even close.

With 2 million votes counted, a previously obscure Republican state Senator, Scott Brown, 50, defeated the Massachusetts Attorney-General, Martha Coakley, 56.

The margin was 52 per cent to 47 per cent, a resounding turnaround, given Massachusetts’ voting record.

The result is a political earthquake.

It sure is. And as I read on one of the blogs, Jimmy Carter is now celebrating that he is no longer the “worst ever US president in history.”

Read it here.

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