ETS bill "delayed until May"

So “the greatest moral challenge since the start of the universe” (© KRudd) suddenly isn’t so urgent after all. But hang on… just a couple of months ago, it was essential we passed the ETS before Copenhagen, wasn’t it? Or is it because Rudd has no principles whatsoever and his only political compass is popularity, which he slavishly follows, so that now the ETS is proving an electoral liability, he’s looking for ways to quietly abandon both it and his robotic minister, Penny Wong? Hmm.

THE future of the government’s emissions trading scheme was in disarray last night with claims that the Senate vote on the bill could be delayed until May.

The possible delay, the result of the opposition blocking a procedural vote in the Senate, has cast fresh doubt on the government’s ability to create an election trigger on its amended climate legislation.

Last night the government was seeking legal advice about whether it could force an earlier vote than the May sitting. Each side blamed the other for the delay, which resulted from the Senate’s blocking a motion yesterday to speed up the debate.

The government has already dropped the emissions trading scheme from the parliamentary schedule this week to give priority to establishing a double dissolution election trigger on its changes to the private health insurance means test.

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  1. Somehow I don’t trust them, maybe its all a distraction.

  2. Even better, Obama and his carbon market minions are too stupid to pull off this scam. You saw this I’m sure.

  3. “delayed until May” is a little ingenuous. A quick check of the sitting calendar indicates that both houses sit for only three days during May, and that is the Budget sitting, probably indicating that no vote will occur as the coalition is complaining that there has been inadequate time to debate the bill as it is.
    The longer it is delayed the deader it becomes, thanks to the continuing revelations of shonky scientists and further legislative rejections that are likely to occur around the world.
    The US will be particularly interesting to watch as the State legislatures start rejecting ‘carbon control bills’, and the Federal senate all but burying the ETS.
    The lawyers will then have their turn.

  4. I meant to add this link to my previous.

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