Ministers' collective dummy spit on Senate

On the count of three, spit those dummies!

What a hilarious sight it was to see five Cabinet ministers (including Penny Wong holding the CPRS flag), solemnly arrayed before the media, bleating about how the nasty Coalition has blocked all their legislation. They claim that the current Senate is the most obstructionist in history, blocking 40-odd pieces of legislation and blaming it all on the Coalition.

As usual, the arrogance of the Rudd government in expecting its legislation to be just rubber stamped is breathtaking. But that’s just par for the course – and we have come to expect it. The real point is that Rudd himself is to blame – he has refused to negotiate with any of the opposition parties, be it Coalition or cross-bench. The Greens and Family first have said the same. And that refusal to negotiate has left them only one option: to block the legislation.

John Howard was in a similar position, lacking a majority in the Senate, but you didn’t see him humiliate himself by whining to the media. He negotiated, and got his policies through.

And if Rudd is really concerned about not being able to get legislation passed, then he has a solution: a double dissolution. But there’s no sign of that happening. For this is nothing more than a cheap attack on Abbott, and unfortunately for him, even the media aren’t stupid enough to fall for it.

As the saying goes, it’s time for Rudd and his cronies to STFU.


  1. It’s long been time for K Rudd – but do you think he will! I think hes already got foot and mouth disease so it wont be long before he does himself in totally! They just dont get it – people arnt as stupid as they repeatedly treat them.

  2. When I saw this on the news I just laughed. This event was staged coincidentally while Rudd was hosting the Indonesian president on his official visit to Australia. This supposedly allows Rudd to plausibly deny his role in this. He truly does believe people are stupid. Maybe Rudd wants the Senate to obstruct his hospital legislation, not for DD, but to generate some kind of sympathy from the electorate.
    Spoiled brats the lot of them.

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