UK Climate Madness: switch off motorway lights to reduce emissions

The UK will soon look like North Korea

Never mind the fact that, you know, drivers might need them to, er, see where the f**k they’re going? Another example of utter, total, jawdroppingly stupid moonbattery from the UK, and yet another example of where imaginary, computer-modelled deaths from climate change will be spared at the expense of real deaths in car accidents from unlit motorways.

The Highways Agency announced that an eight-mile stretch of the M6 in Lancashire would be the seventh site in England where the lights are turned off between midnight and 5am. The quango, which is responsible for more than 4,000 miles of motorway and trunk road, said the move will save money and carbon emissions and even stop light pollution.

Andy Withington, the area performance manager for south Lancashire, said only quiet stretches of road are chosen [oh, that’s OK then] and pointed out that junctions, where most accidents happen, will be lit.

“This is the seventh site in England and we expect it to work as successfully as everywhere else – achieving up to a 40 per cent saving in carbon emissions and energy use as well as giving local communities reduced light pollution of the night sky,” he said.

There is literally no end to the madness.

Read it here.


  1. I’m sure they also shutoff baseload generation as well.. How stupid !!!

    “Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical, liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

  2. OzJuggler says:

    Choosing to not waste energy is always a good idea. Street lights are completely pointless 90% of the time because the only people out on the street after dark are either A) drivers, or B) fitness fanatics. Well firstly cars and bicycles have their own headlights, so streetlights aren’t needed for them along an entire street. As for the walkers, perhaps there was a time when evening walks were more commonplace and conducted over shorter distances, but today not a chance. We are all paying for street lights in the suburbs to be on the entire night for the sake of a few people who can’t be bothered taking a headlamp for one hour after sunset. If muggings are a problem and it’s not safe to go out at 1am in the morning, gee what a shame. When you stop to think about it, the way these lights are used now is a ridiculous waste of energy.

    But trying to “save the planet” by cutting CO2 emissions is totally ludicrous, as frequent visitors here will already know. Just don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

  3. Spot on and well said OZ Juggler!

  4. The UK is just entering a periosd of austerity and switching off some of the motorway lights is just a logical money saving option,

    One suspects that the gumph about saving carbon emmissions is there for two reasons, one it shows publicly that the department is actively introducing policies that conform to EU policy directives on climate change measures and secondly it will neuter any potential complaints from the general public, after all who could possibly go against saving the planet……

    I personally am looking forward to seeing the stars again in my back garden

  5. Patrick says:

    I agree with OzJuggler as well. Shutting down the lights between 12 and 5 on little used stretches of motor ways would be good (with the lights on on the junctions), primarily for helping light polution, we have much to much unnecessary lighting at night.

    To shut them down to save CO2, though, is completely stupid, nieve and pointless.

  6. itsallliesItellyou says:

    Turn off the Quango I say. Save 100% in hot air and BS. More real saving than a few lights. Oh what’s happened to my beautiful country? It always was run by fools but now it’s run by stupid fools.

  7. Conserving the energy for lighting 50% of the roads at night will lead to calls for cutting back another 20% and another 30% and another 15%, and so on. When is something “efficient enough” – can anyone tell? Environmentalists are anti-human, so they’ll never stop demanding more efficiency until we’re all dead. They fundamentally oppose human life and the energy it consumes. Giving in to them by saying “ok i’ll agree on another 25% cutback of my energy use” is just appeasement on the road to their ultimate goal.

  8. Wam, where do you live – on our Shared Planet or in some fantasy world? Environmentalist anti-human!! The very opposite is true. The long term survival of all humans is at risk if we don’t take measures now to reduce CO2 emissions — if we don’t then our grand children will be never live.

    Removing motorway lighting that uses power generated by coal can be one part of reducing CO2 emissions. Every little bit helps. Attacking the problem from multiple directions (car emissions, increases solar and wind power, etc) will accumulate to big savings. Removing just motorway lighting, where there are very few muggings, would be a middle ground worth doing.

    • @Geoff: point me to the evidence that the tiny increase in atmospheric CO2 is causing dangerous warming (hint: don’t bother looking – there isn’t any. All we have is incomplete climate models that have wildly overestimated the climate sensitivity). All our CO2 reducing policies are therefore a complete waste of time and, more importantly, money, diverting precious funds away from the causes that really need it – poverty, disease, war – the usual suspects.

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