Election 2010: Gillard devotes 12 words to climate

Quote of the Day

Drum roll please for Joolya Gillard’s contribution to the climate change debate in her campaign launch yesterday:

Yes we will work together and tackle the challenge of climate change. (source)

Er, that’s it. That’s how highly Labor, the party that was so desperate to push through the ETS before the Copenhagen climate conference in December 2009, now regards the “greatest moral challenge since the dawn of time (or something)”. And where is the Labor-loving media on this shameless backflip? Nowhere to be seen, of course.

UPDATE: Tom Switzer at ABC Unleashed skewers the hypocrisy here. And one of the comments is priceless – wailing that he thinks he’s been “redirected to Liberal HQ”, when of course he’s accustomed to being “redirected straight to Labor HQ” thanks to the ABC’s blatant pro-Labor bias.


  1. I’d like to know which member of the greens party doesn’t believe in climate change – see 2nd last paragraph in article below.


  2. Les Dyxic says:

    Just wait if she gets in there’ll be more than a few words then. Just playing a game.. but we are in for a hard time..especially if she owes the greens some.

  3. Gillard is a shill for Al Gore and his pseudo science. Nuff said ?

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