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Simon, ACM

Abbott: carbon tax is "economic self-harm"

No ETS or carbon (dioxide) tax

In this sea of climate madness which we are currently drowning, only Tony Abbott speaks the blindingly obvious truth: a carbon tax would be damaging to Australia’s economy for no benefit to the climate whatsoever. And the majority of business thinks the same (take note Moonbat Marius):

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is sticking to his guns that he will “never” endorse Australia going it alone by putting a price on carbon, a stance supported by a new business survey.

Mr Abbott said on Friday that he will “never” put a price on carbon unless this becomes part of an enforceable international system.

“A go-it-alone carbon tax would be another act of economic self harm and it’s the last thing Australia needs,” Mr Abbott told Macquarie radio.

“The price of your power, the price of your petrol, the price of everything you do goes up under a carbon tax.”

He also attacked the government for a change of heart having “emphatically ruled out a carbon tax pre-election”.

“Now, apparently they’re ruling it in. It just goes to show you can’t trust these guys,” he said.

A survey of 1000 business owners conducted by the Australian Chamber of Commerce of Industry (ACCI) found that 75 per cent oppose the unilateral adoption of an emissions trading scheme (ETS) or carbon tax.

“Calls for a carbon tax or ETS in the name of business certainty certainly don’t represent the general view of business owners,” the chamber’s director of economics and industry policy, Greg Evans, said in releasing the survey results on Friday.

“The reality is business and consumers (would) face the prospect of a doubling of energy prices by 2015 with little global gain.”

Read it here.

UPDATE: Julia Gillard’s excuse for the backflip on the carbon tax is that it’s no longer her decision what happens on climate change, because the “committee” will tell her. No, seriously.

She told Fairfax that what she said before the federal election on climate change no longer applies because a committee of politicians and experts will now develop the policy.

“We laboured long and hard to develop a market-based mechanism,” she said of the emissions trading scheme. [Waffle]

“But I’m recognising the political reality. I campaigned as Prime Minister in an election campaign with policies for the Government. [More waffle]

“We are in a new environment where in order for any action to happen in this Parliament, you need more consensus than the views and policies of the Government and this committee is the way of recognising that.” (source)

No it’s not. It’s a stacked team of warmists who have made up their minds already.

Those independents who handed this incompetent government power should hang their heads in shame.

Gillard backflips on carbon tax

First of many?

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Hands up those of you who didn’t see this coming. Comments by BHP’s Moonbat Marius yesterday put the issue of a carbon tax back on the agenda. The Greens are cock-a-hoop, as they would be, and Julia Gillard failed spectacularly to rule out such a tax, despite doing so before the election. As Australian Conservative reports:

Julia Gillard today walked away from her election-eve promise to oppose a costly carbon tax on Australian householders.

On the Friday before the election Ms Gillard stated categorically: “I rule out a carbon tax.” (The Australian, 20 August 2010).

But today, when asked by media, would she rule out a carbon tax, she blinked:

Gillard: Look, we, we’ve said we would work through options in good faith at the committee that I have formed involving of course the Greens … We want to work through options, have the discussions at that committee in good faith.

Journalist: So you are not ruling it out then?

Gillard: Well look ah, you know I just think the rule-in, rule-out games are a little bit silly.

Before the election, she unambiguously ruled out a carbon tax. Now, after the election, ruling in or ruling out a carbon tax is now “a little bit silly” according to the PM.

It now looks like Julia Gillard is opening the door to a plan by Labor’s partners, the Greens, for a carbon tax.

Now, after the election, it appears that Labor has a secret plan to back-flip and support the tax.

Before the election, Wayne Swan said: “what we rejected is this hysterical allegation that somehow we are moving towards a carbon tax” (Meet the Press, 15 August 2010).

Mr Swan also said: “We have made our position very clear, we have ruled it out” (7.30 Report, 12 August 2010).

Julia Gillard again claimed: “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead” (Channel 10, 16 August 2010).

The Prime Minister was today speaking at a sustainability media event. But it’s now clear she hasn’t been able to sustain her pre-election promises to rule out a carbon tax. (source)

This will be just the first of many backflips by Julia as she desperately tries to appease the demands of the Greens, ably assisted by a self-serving businessman who wants to spruik his uranium over coal. At least some businesses are rejecting the call:

The Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry said Mr Kloppers’s statements did not represent the views of its members.

“We unambiguously represent the views of energy users rather than producers,” ACCI economics and industry policy director Greg Evans said. “Our members are concerned about the impact of either of a carbon tax or an ETS.

“We certainly don’t believe Australia should pre-empt any international action.” (source)

A statement so blindingly obvious, it is astonishing that no-one seems to get it. We really are through the looking-glass now, folks.

Daily Bayonet GW Hoax Weekly Roundup

Skewering the clueless

As always, a great read!

Madness: BHP boss "wants price on carbon"

Turkeys voting for Christmas, perhaps? Terry McCrann eviscerates Marius Kloppers for this nonsense:

In his nauseating obsequiousness, figuratively flagellating himself and his company for their carbon sins, Kloppers ‘confessed’ how Australia had one of the highest emissions of carbon dioxide per capita in the world.

Again, his entire focus was on domestic emissions – principally and most obviously from our almost total reliance on coal-fired electricity.

These had to be cut – to stress again, unilaterally and Rudd-like, irrespective of whether or not the rest of the world followed or when.

Accompanied by this throwaway line: that a major consideration was that our “export-based economy is intrinsically carbon intensive”.

Doh. Young Mr Kloppers clearly doesn’t understand the fatal contradiction. Once you accept that producing carbon dioxide is a secular – indeed the greatest secular – sin, the sinning doesn’t stop at the border.

We accept by whatever process a mandatory reduction in our production of domestic carbon dioxide, exactly the same demand will be applied to carbon dioxide being shipped out embedded in resources.

Now none of this is actually about ‘climate change’ – whether the so-called science or the religion. It is about self-interest and the most basic common sense.

Our economy and our present and future prosperity – even our more basic viability as a society – is based totally on producing carbon dioxide. Both in generating almost all our electricity and earning the majority of our export income.

The so-called science demands we cut our output by 80 per cent. So if Kloppers “accepts” the science, he accepts that sort of reduction over the next couple of decades.

He accepts the long-term suicide of BHPB – a strange position for a a CEO paid a multi-million dollar salary.

To what purpose? This is where the common sense kicks in. We can cut our emissions by 100 per cent; we can stop all our exports of coal and iron ore, completely, and we will make not the slightest difference to the climate. Taking the ‘science’ not the religion as gospel.

Yes, let us have a price on carbon. Zero. That’s the certainty that Australia – and BHPB – really need.

Read it here.

UPDATE: Who does the ABC get to comment on this story on News Radio this morning? A sceptic perhaps, to put the other side of the climate change issue? A mining expert perhaps, who would expose the hypocrisy? No – Chrisine Milne, Greens Senator – who was uncritically asked candy-floss questions which allowed her to spout the usual Green climate nonsense, and support Kloppers’ position 100%, as you would expect. There’s quality journalism for you.

Climategate enquiries "rushed and inadequate"

Global Warming Policy Foundation

That’s the conclusion of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) in a report published yesterday:

The report The Climategate Inquiries, written by Andrew Montford and with a foreword by Lord (Andrew) Turnbull, finds that the inquiries into the conduct and integrity of scientists at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia were rushed and seriously inadequate.

In particular, the report finds that:

  • none of the Climategate panels mounted an inquiry that was comprehensive within their area of remit
  • insufficient consideration in the choice of panel members led to a failure to ensure balance and independence
  • none managed to be objective and comprehensive
  • none made any serious attempt to consider the views and submissions of well-informed critics
  • terms of reference were either vague or non-existent
  • none of them performed their work in a way that is likely to restore confidence in the work of CRU.

Andrew Montford, the author of the GWPF report, said:

“The lack of impartiality manifested itself in the different ways the panels treated CRU scientists and their critics. While CRU justifications and explanations were willingly accepted without any serious probing, critics were denied adequate opportunity to respond and to counter demonstrably inaccurate claims.”

Now tell us something we don’t know or hadn’t suspected…

Read the rest of the announcement here, and download the whole report here (PDF).

Thomas Edison, you're under arrest!

"It's a fair cop, gov. I'll come quietly"

As the article puts it: Welcome to Green Hell. Obviously, ACM has been stocking up on incandescents since the moonbat Australian government outlawed them, and forced us all to use dim, ugly, horrifically expensive, flickery, epileptic-fit-incuding CFLs which you have to switch on, go and make a cup of tea, and by the time you return, might just be bright enough to use. And when they break, you have to sound an alarm in a three-street radius and dress up in HAZMAT clothing and breathing equipment just to put them in the freaking bin! From whence they go to a special dedicated CFL mercury recycling plant? No, to landfill. Brilliant. All to save the planet? Jeez.

Thomas Alva Edison was a genius credited with the invention of many things — the phonograph, the motion picture, the incandescent light bulb, global warming. That last credit was given by those who rank light bulbs right up there with the internal combustion engine as ravagers of the planet.

The General Electric light bulb factory in Winchester, Va., closed this month, a victim, along with its 200 employees, of a 2007 energy conservation measure passed by Congress that set standards essentially banning ordinary incandescents by 2014.

Just as they are by fuel-economy standards, consumers are denied choice and the freedom to evaluate any possible benefits on their own by the nanny state. Washington’s force and coercion are necessary because it seems the great unwashed can’t seem to see the benefits or ignore the risks of compact fluorescents, or CFLs.

In Europe, light bulbs are already a controlled substance. The 100-watt bulb was banned last year and the 75-watt became illegal as of Sept. 1.

Not surprisingly, incandescent light bulbs there quickly became a hot item, flying off the shelves while they were still available. Der Spiegel reported that German customers leave hardware stores with carts piled high with enough incandescent bulbs to last 20 years. Garages and attics throughout the Old World are full of them.

Read it here.

(h/t Climate Change Dispatch)

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