Will Steffen to report on Queensland floods

Impartiality personified

Yes, you read that right – the same Will Steffen who is the Labor government’s Chief Alarmist, and who has already made up his mind and linked the Queensland floods to climate change (see here). Kind of like the University of East Anglia investigating Climategate – no, wait, they did. What hope is there for an impartial, balanced report? None. The people of Queensland deserve better.

A report on the flood disaster and climate change will be undertaken by an expert on the federal government’s multi-party committee which is investigating ways to price carbon.

Professor Will Steffen, a member of the climate change committee set up by the Gillard government in September last year, told AAP he was working on a report covering the floods.

And just in case you missed the bias, here it is again:

Prof Steffen said there was evidence that extreme weather events appear to be increasing.

“We are getting more intense rainfall events as the earth warms, but it’s difficult to pin down any individual event,” he told AAP. [Oh, but how I wish I could, he thought – Ed]

“Rainfall events like the type we’ve seen in Queensland are becoming more likely as the earth warms.

“There is a long-term warming trend with or without La Nina.”

And lastly, so that you’re all thoroughly reassured about this process.

Prof Steffen said he would produce an update on the science for the committee, as part of the Garnaut climate change review update, as well as write his own independent report. (source)

Phew that’s OK then. Seriously, this guy is so compromised he shouldn’t be let anywhere near an “independent” enquiry.


  1. It is good to have people like Steffen closely associated with events in Queensland.

    Check out the following item in The Australian this morning:

    “Queensland’s senior water managers warned of tension between staff and management over safety at Wivenhoe and Somerset dams and were given predictions that rainfall levels would fall because weather patterns had changed.”

    This would indicate that the finger-pointing has started in advance of the enquiry – the guys in the firing line at Wivenhoe Dam are going to say:”We were advised to hold on to as much water as possible because ‘weather patterns had changed'”.

    Who exactly was responsible for this “advice” that was acted upon, and why should they not be held criminally liable for the subsequent deaths and flood damage?

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      “Who exactly was responsible for this “advice”…

      The advise was based on the warmists “rubbish in rubbish out” doctrine with goodly helpings of arrogance, ideology, faith and fanaticism.

      Let’s just see how good this commission of inquiry is at answering the questions.


      I suspect “computer modeling” and “interpretation” will be the buzz words used to cloak the ambiguity and high order bullshit speak.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:


    “Prof Steffen said he would produce an update on the science for the committee,”

    That bit’s funny isn’t it? – an update on the “science”!!!

    What he really meant to say was he would provide a “re-interpretation” of the “doctrine” (it’s certainly not science) – in light of these recent, quite confusing, revelations of flood you know….

    Such a fickle religion is this “AGW”.

  3. SOYLENY GREEN says:

    THe best headline for this I’ve seen was, “Herod to investigate deaths of firstborn.”

  4. Have faith, the public mood is changing. People are growing weary of this type of charade. The official report will be laughed at and ignored. Only activist journalists will bother reporting it.

    Anyway – it’s all like the IPCC – a committee designed to produce scientific evidence to confirm a theory by producing research money to people trying to confirm the theory. It’s not even impartial to start with.

    The real world will move on. Flannery is being ignored by his own tribe, Karoly will be next. They’ll all spend their later years wondering why nobody returns their calls.

  5. rukidding says:

    These people need to have their feet held to the fire they get people killed

    No bushfire mitigation.
    No flood mitigation.
    No storm mitigation
    People killed doing house instalation
    Peoples houses burned down.
    And to really kill on a grand scale they make fuel that expensive that the poor die for lack of warmth.
    My advice.If your near a greenie RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

  6. Sean McHugh says:

    What is worse than this shyster being given the job, is that by assigning it to him, the federal government shows the report’s conclusions are to be a mere formaility. CO2 will be held to blame of course, and the only way for us to be saved is through a carbon tax.

  7. Perhaps Will Steffen could start his investigation by
    reading this article.
    and in the Moonbat Herald as well!

  8. Hmmm … Will Steffen and his “signals”.. Here we see him
    on the ABC World Today in July 2009 – very, very definitely finding
    climate “signals” in the drought in Western Australia,

    WILL STEFFEN: I think we can say with some degree
    of confidence now that the drying in south-west Western Australia,
    the one from which, the one which Perth is suffering from, has a
    strong climate change signal so that’s going to be with us for
    quite some time.

    ..and in South-Eastern
    Australia as well..

    We’re also now starting to
    see a signal we think in the southern part of south-eastern
    Australia; that is the southern half of South Australia and
    Victoria. The pronounced drying we’ve seen over the last few
    decades appears to have a climate change signal in it is as well so
    there’s a risk that that will continue for some time.

    Note that these are “signals” that will
    continue for some time” – in both instances.
    Unbelievable that people like this are taken seriously.

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