Gillard: addicted to tax and spend

Old fashioned socialist

We all appreciate that those who have suffered from the floods in Queensland and Victoria deserve financial help from the federal government to help them rebuild their lives and their homes. However, why is it that Julia Gillard’s immediate reaction is to consider a one-off “levy” (translation: tax) rather than the many alternatives? Tax ‘n’ spend is good old fashioned socialism, of course, which Julia with her crypto-communist past would be well aware of.

How about one of these instead:

  • postpone or abandon the pointless National Broadband Network, which will be out of date before it’s even completed. By the time our “state of the art” network is operational, having dug up every street in Australia to lay fibre cables, the rest of the world will have moved on to n-th generation wireless at a fraction of the cost;
  • postpone or abandon the pointless price on carbon, which will do nothing for the climate, nothing to “encouragize” China or India to cut their emissions, and will add massive costs to businesses trying to rebuild and huge increases for those struggling to pay their energy bills;
  • abandon the political posturing about returning the budget to surplus by the artificial deadline Labor itself has set. Vanity is the only thing preventing flexibility here;
  • stop wasting money on rubbish policies like cash-for-clunkers or the Pink Batts fiasco;
  • cut rafts of other wasteful government spending;
  • [readers are invited to fill in the blanks – Ed]

Of course, the federal government should contribute to this tragedy, but not via yet another slug on the poor Australian public.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    “[readers are invited to fill in the blanks – Ed]”

    School hall anyone?

    Going once……


    SOLD… the cashed up redhead with the public purse.

  2. Gordon Cheyne says:

    You ask: “How about one of these instead?”
    Blind Freddie could see that they are ALL better than a new tax.
    Calling it a “levy” implies a tax for a limited purpose or time.
    Like the Medicare “levy”, y’know . . . .

  3. What bullshit.. the NBN will never be out of date, only you luddites will be..

    But, it may not be good timing.

    Lets wait a while..

    such a shame..

  4. Manny Jack says:

    Where did & does the government find millions to help Indonesia & other foreign aid ????? When it comes to helping our own, we have to bring out a tax…..How about canceling all the climate change junkets & trips over seas for a while & let the polies take a pay cut…..

    • Tony Buckley says:

      Amen…Manny. It is beyond comprehension that this pathetic, waste of space government gives millions of $ away to ease KRudd into a UN cushy job, while we are taxed to save the arse of fellow Australians. Welcome to the Gillard/Labor joke.

  5. Wind up the Department of Climate Change — that would provide a couple of billion dollars:

    Pull the “Climate Change” slush funds out of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – that would provide another $50million:

    Click to access budget-daff-2010-11.pdf

    Ditto for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – that would free up another $120million

    Click to access 2010-11_Consolidated.pdf

    Ditto for the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research – that would free up another $40million

    Click to access PortfolioBudgetStatementsFull2010-11.pdf

    Ditto for the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and The Arts – that would free up another $50million:

    Click to access pbs-2010-11.pdf

    And on and on it goes. There is literally hundreds of millions of dollars (and growing) of slush funds being squirrelled away in federal departments to support “Climate Change” — before we even look at the state ministries.

    Well – the “change” is here in Queensland and Victoria. Spend all this money before rasing any new taxes.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      “There is literally hundreds of millions of dollars (and growing) of slush funds being squirrelled away in federal departments to support “Climate Change” “…

      Indeed, but I suspect these corrupted governments feel this is a type of “investment” in future guaranteed income (ie tax and trade) and as such would never TOUCH that “investment” money.

      • God .. there’s more… NSW State Budget papers:

        •$222.6 million from the Climate Change Fund for climate change mitigation and energy saving initiatives including measures for households (such as rebates for rainwater tanks and climate-friendly hot water systems) and schools (such as energy-efficient lighting), support for six large-scale renewable energy generation projects and programs boosting the existing efforts of industry, government and households to use water and energy more efficiently,_Climate_Change_and_Water

  6. Ian Middleton says:

    In the past weeks I’ve been bombarded with requests for donations to the QLD flood disaster fund. To those who asked I replied ” Go and talk to Gillard!” Why, well because just after the Cancun climate junket she released $559 million dollars to go to the UN for climate research in third world countries ie put solar panels on mud huts in Africa. Half a billion dollars would go a long way to clear up the mess in OUR own back yard. She is using my tax dollars to buy international popularity, as Rudd did.
    Now if she has any balls at all she will tackle the banks and get them to donate every $2 ATM fee collected for the past 2 months. That will fix everything.

    Boy that felt good….. cheers


  7. Ground Rudd, and end efforts (read bribes) to get a seat on the irrelevant UN Security Council..


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