Green gimmicks axed to pay for floods

… has a silver lining

Every cloud…

GREEN programs have been hit hard by spending cuts to help pay for rebuilding in flood-devastated parts of Australia.

They include Julia Gillard’s much derided $394 million “cash for clunkers” program, an election promise designed to get older cars off Australian roads.

Other programs axed include the green car innovation fund and the green start fund.

Savings have also been found across the forward estimates in the solar hot water program and the solar homes and communities program, and in funding for the global carbon capture and storage institute.

The Greens are apoplectic:

“It beggars belief that the government would choose to cut climate change programs like solar flagships, energy efficiency and the solar hot water rebate to fund disaster relief when such disasters will be made worse by climate change,” Senator Milne said. (source)

Double joy.


  1. So very funny.

    Ridiculous green programs axed to pay for destruction of infrastructure by the environment.

    I suspect Gillard realised she had a ‘get out of jail free’ card in her hands and decided to cash it in to kill politically useless programs. There’s no way those programs were worth their weight in votes, and I suspect they (Labor numbers men) knew it ever since the election last year, but were locked in for fear of breaking promises.

    Here’s hoping this split will rift the Greens/Labor alliance in two, and major parties start running from Green schemes with big steps. Maybe it will bring on an early election long before the Greens get to use their Senate votes.

    Oh, and you can add photovoltaic solar to the list of industries scuttled by Labor as a result inept policies, bungling and central planning. With the rebates cut everywhere and the grants disappearing, solar installations will collapse. And you can also put ‘clean coal’ into that bucket, thought it should never have gotten past the first failed pilot plant. I suppose, though, that technology like that needs to be tried and failed otherwise people will go on about it for years.

  2. rukidding says:

    Just love the sound of hippie heads popping.

  3. I’ve now realised this is just clearing the decks for the Carbon Tax. To fend off criticism of inefficient carbon abatement schemes.

    Not so happy now.

    But still optimistic this dysfunctional parliament doesn’t have the chops or the numbers to get through a new economy-wide tax.

  4. Sceptic Lank says:

    Will the mining industry get help from this tax?
    It would seem that they should as many coal mines have suffered with flooding, equipment loss and damage, loss of exports etc.

    How will the Greens handle that? – public taxes and savings from ‘green projects’ help rebuild coal mines!!!..
    Or will Julia, Kevin and Bob just help the individuals and industries they choose to? Who will determine who gets what and how much?

  5. Don’t be too sure.
    Gillard dumps a number of dodgy environmental programs to raise money to deal with environmental damage. What is the next logical progression? Obviously to maintain this environmental levy to deal with climate-induced environmental damage into the future. It’s the thin edge of the wedge – a carbon levy (tax) by stealth. Once applied, it may never be removed – by either side.


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