Fires, floods, war, pestilence, famine, death…

Four Horsemen of Global Warming

… and they’re all caused by climate change, of course. Latest natural disaster to be pinned on ManBearPig is the Perth fires. It’s like every year, media hacks get a collective case of sudden amnesia, and forget that Australia has ever had any extreme events before! So when we get bushfires, they’re somehow shocked and surprised! And because it’s so unprecedented (everything is unprecedented if you have the memory of a house-plant), they rush to blame climate change:

Associate Professor Grant Wardell Johnson from Curtin University studies climate change and its effect on the environment. “All the climate change models to south western australia show we’re getting drier and warmer and we are getting more extreme events.” He warns Perth needs to treat the risk of bushfire as if it’s a war, and he says we need to rethink where we live. “In a fire prone environment that we’ve got in South Western Australia, very dangerous to be building in the bush.” (source)

And all this at the same time that the same climate change is being blamed for the floods and cyclones in eastern Australia. I sincerely hope the long-suffering public will, eventually, tire of this nonsense…


  1. Not to mention the fact that rainfall in Perth has changed very little:

    So much for “getting drier”.

    • Dave in the time I have lived in Perth the amount of rain fall never seems to get anywhere near the long term average and ground water that used to come to the surface during winter no longer does.Now whether this due to less rain fall or population growth who knows.But GW it ain’t.

  2. That says it all, this has been happening as long as we have inhabited this great land. We may be adding to it in some way but not anything like what the enviro nutters are blaming us for.

  3. The Loaded Dog says:

    “In a fire prone environment that we’ve got in South Western Australia, very dangerous to be building in the bush.”

    Hmmmm, yes, and even more so if you are forbidden from clearing scrub and trees from around your house..

  4. Yawn … all been done before — many times! Curiously enough, always at this time of the year. Who’d a thunk?

    13 Feb 1928
    LARGE BUSHFIRE.Week-end Homes Endangered PERTH, Monday

    22 Jan 1930
    PERTH, Tuesday:— Disastrous bushfirea which involved in one instance loss of life…

    16 Feb 1937
    A NIGHT OF HORROR. SIX PEOPLE IN DANGER. Sparks Shower on House.

    16 Feb 1940
    On a 22-mile front, a bushfire has been raging in the Harvey Ranges, 22 miles from Perth, since Monday.

    13 Feb 1950

    11 Feb 1953
    Perth Squads Fight Bushfire For 10 Hours

    These latest fires aren’t any worse – the damage is worse because more idiots insist on building houses in fire-prone areas.

  5. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    The Perth fires according to the news was accidently caused by a bloke using a grinder. But just before hearing this, I heard this “lah-di-dah twit of all twits”… another so called climate expert… attributing the fires to man-made global warming! These sorts of people are climate change charlatans.

    But don’t despair, read the following link:

    It seems all these weather events have nothing to do with CO2 … and we can forget about global warming – man-made or natural. It’s all to do with the sun!

  6. I sincerely hope the long-suffering public will, eventually, tire of this nonsense…

    It’s happening. Just 31% link the floods across Australia to “climate change”

    Note that the figure for Greens is 68%. So 32% don’t? My favoured response to that is a corruption of Abe Lincoln’s immortal words:

    You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot even fool all of the lunatics all the time.

  7. rukidding says:

    This is an extreme event and it it is not an extreme event.
    It is an extreme event in the sense of the number of people who have lost their homes.
    But it is not an extreme event in the amount of land that was burnt out.
    Like most capital cities we have people that like to live out in the hills areas and just like Sydney,Adelade and Melbourne we to play russian rouelette with mother nature so far we have been lucky with a mix of good luck and good management.There is a policy of proscribed burns which have kepted the fuel build up down but more can always be done.I can tell you there are far more dangerous areas around Perth it is just a matter of when our luck runs out.Almost every year we have almost no rain from November to March.How many times have you seen the cricket in Perth affected by rain.
    And it has what to do with GW/CC NOTHING.Its our climate and its not changing

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