AUDIO: Simon on MTR 1377 with Luke Grant

Simon discusses Tim Flannery’s appointment as “climate commissioner” with Luke Grant. There is an excellent introduction by Luke, and I am on around the 4 minute mark:


This interview is also available on the Media page (see tab top left).


  1. Chris Carter says:

    Simon, well said. Not much time to make a response but it was well weighted. Hopefully it punched a few more holes in The Wall.

  2. There is an excellent introduction by Luke

    Indeed there is. Some time into his commentary I realised that his reference to sceptics as “trouble makers” must have been tongue-in-cheek! Flannery sure got a well deserved flogging.

    So “fired up” was he with thumping out the salient points that it left little room for other comment! But Simon certainly made the most of it by complementing Luke’s argument with reference to other issues like the nonsensical Parliamentary Climate Committee and its apparent fear of heretics who dare to represent scepticism, the lifeblood of science.

    Well done, host and guest!


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