Tony Windsor: stooge for environmental activists

Keep an eye out, Tony, your electorate are after you…

Independent? Independent, my foot. Eco-fruitcake, more like. Tony Windsor is showing his true colours today by launching a report by the Climate Institute, an environmental advocacy group (see here for an example), which owes its entire existence to the current climate scare:

A new report says a price on carbon could create 34,000 new jobs in the renewable energy sector in regional Australia over the next two decades.

The report, by the Climate Institute, was launched this morning by independent MP Tony Windsor, just days after he helped the Prime Minister announce plans for a price on carbon by July next year.

Last week, Mr Windsor would not commit to backing a tax, but he says he is keen to generate a discussion on renewable energy.

“For many years now I have sort of been preaching a gospel I guess that there are enormous opportunities, particularly for country people, but for the nation generally, in terms of renewable energy,” Mr Windsor said. (source)

What on earth is Windsor doing spruiking this kind of nonsense from the Climate Institute anyway? What the report doesn’t mention, of course, is that for all those 34,000 subsidised, taxpayer-funded, propped-up, fake “green jobs”, you will lose several times as many real, proper, genuine jobs, as our competitiveness sinks beneath the waves and industry moves offshore. But don’t expect the Climate Institute to look to closely at that, they’re on the climate bandwagon, feeding at the trough of alarmism that we’re all paying for through our taxes.

And if that isn’t nauseating enough, Windsor then goes on to smear Tony Abbott in the Fairfax press, spilling his guts about the confidential post-election negotiations:

Tony Abbott was so hungry for power he was willing to do anything to form government after the election, one of the men who blocked his dream says.

Independent MP Tony Windsor says his discussions with Mr Abbott did deal with what do about climate change.

“Tony Abbott did say during those discussions that he would do anything to gain power,” Mr Windsor told reporters on Tuesday.

The NSW MP said he presumed that applied to climate policy.

Asked for specifics, Mr Windsor was not keen to discuss confidential discussions.

“He made the point that he would do anything to gain power.” (source)

Ah, right, so it’s OK to breach confidences when it suits you to smear Abbott, but you play the “confidential discussion” card when asked a difficult question, right? I get it. None of this should surprise us really. Virtually every utterance since the election has rubbished the Coalition and supported Labor, including on the floods and the NBN. Independent? I think not. Labor in drag. What a disgrace to politics and to his (essentially conservative) electorate, who will no doubt give him the bloody nose he deserves at the ballot box at the next election.

But one piece of good news is that Tony Abbott has confirmed he will roll back the carbon tax if elected. You took too long to announce that, Tony, should have been seconds after Ju-liar’s announcement…


  1. It’s about time Tony Windsor is held to account for his hypocrisy and treacherous desertion of his electorate. Perhaps the upcoming NSW state election may send he and Rob Oakeshott a message.

  2. “Tony Abbott was so hungry for power he was willing to do anything to form government.”

    In complete contrast to Julia (“Liar! Liar!”) Gillard, of course.

  3. Windsor is a lost cause. He is retiring at the next election and has sold out his farm. He won’t care what he does or what happens as long as he gets revenge on the Liberal and National parties. He’ll live his days in quiet retirement, a fat pension and a fat retirement account at his disposal. No doubt a book in the works.

    I like the assertion that Abbott will do anything for power, but doesn’t mention Gillard will break election promises and ignore her own backbench and cabinet to do deals with the Greens.

    There is nothing that can be done to get Windsor on board with dumping the climate change tax. This assertion that he wants to look over it before voting is just making sure he gets dinner and a movie prior to hopping in bed with the Greens and Labor. The release of this nonsense about green jobs just proves he is not thinking critically and just swallowing whatever is fed to him.

    • Windsor is the grubbiest of grubby turds. He has obviously been around Ju-liar for too long, as he has clearly changed his earlier story:

      “Abbott didn’t want the job: Windsor”

      Add to that the fact that Bruce Hawker is his cousin:
      – and what more do you need to know?

      Can anyone remember a government composed of such awful, grubby individuals in their entire lifetime?

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Alas, I believe you may be right brc.

      My suspicion (mentioned in a previous post) of him “testing the waters” of the mood of his electorate in this instance would necessitate some strategising and intellectual prowess on his part; qualities that on further reflection he seems to be deficient in.

  4. Leigh Prentice says:

    Tony Windsor had better be careful making this announcement because John Connor, the CEO of the Climate Institute, has written an article, which appears on the CI web site today and is published in Climate Spectator (as well as being quoted at length in an article by Adam Morton in The Age and by the ABC news), in which he claims “a net increase of close to 34,000 new jobs in regional Australia” could be achieved if the governmental tackles climate change responsibly. This is the conclusion of the special study commissioned by the CI but if one looks on the CI’s own web site, there is a page with a map of Australia helpfully illustrating less than 32,000 (not “close to 34,000”) new jobs potentially created. Of these, only 6,817 are part of “ongoing operations” which I assume is code for “permanent”. The bulk (19,271) are in the “construction phase” which, in the case of the biggest wind farm in the SE of NSW (Boco Rock, outside Nimmitabel), is only 18 months. The remainder are in the “manufacturing” sector which is not doing very well when it comes to renewable energy. All this, from a NGO which prides itself on being “a non-partisan, independent research organization”.

  5. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Put it down to experience? This should serve as painful lesson to the conservative voters of New England that put this bloke into office, be careful what you vote for – you might not get it.

  6. Overseas countries have dumped the tax and so has obama

  7. This reaction is so typical of conservatives! When one of your number actually sees the light about climate change and adjusts his beahviour accordingly, you see him as unethical and a turnncoat.

    But Tony Windsor has heard a higher calling. So really he shouldn’t be judged by the same standards other politicians are – least of all those on the right.

    • “Seen the light”? “Higher calling”? You make it sound almost like a religious conversion… perhaps it is.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      @ Derek Sappire

      Hallelujah and praise to Gaia – Tony’s got religion.

      When should we expect to see him start knitting hair shirts and smokin the reefer Dalek?

    • Bob in Castlemaine says:

      …… But Tony Windsor has heard a higher calling. So really he shouldn’t be judged by the same standards other politicians are – least of all those on the right .

      I take it Derek that the “true believers” are to be judged by different standards from those that apply to the dreaded “conservatives”?

    • “But Tony Windsor has heard a higher calling.”

      Ain’t that the truth!
      “Mr Windsor’s family was paid $4.625 million by Werris Creek Coal in February for the sale of 376ha Cintra, south of Tamworth, reaping about $12,300 a hectare.”

      Our climate champion sells his property so they can turn it into a –er– coal mine?
      This grubby turd would be one of your people, would he, Derek?

      • The Loaded Dog says:

        $12,300 per hectare Sapphire. Hmm, that’s just peachy isn’t it.

        But he “really he shouldn’t be judged by the same standards other politicians are – least of all those on the right” should he Dalek?

        But of course..

        Hypocrisy – the familiar and acceptable realm of the socialist.

    • Yes, precisely. When you start on about massive taxes and wealth redistribution, you no longer qualify as a conservative. What’s so strange about that?

      If Wayne Swan decided that unions were no good after all and pushed to introduce workplace reform that reduced union power, would not the supporters of the Labor party desert him?

    • “adjusts his behaviour accordingly”
      That’ll be the day. I await the day when any proponent of AGW adjusts his behaviour and lives in way that is consistent with their beliefs. Hypocrisy all the way. There is absolutely no impediment for AGW believers to be living in ways that they think are helpful to the environment. But do they do this ? No way !

  8. Windsor is easily led especially, it seems, by irrational argument. No doubt the Greens have chewed his ear about “enormous opportunities…. of renewable energy.” Here’s Brown at a press conference this week:

    The renewable energy component of the economy has held Germany in best stead during the recent economic troubles and 330,000 extra jobs have been created in Germany because of legislation moving to a clean, green energy future.

    Yes, 330,000 jobs at a cost to the taxpayer of $240,000 per job. In Denmark, the corresponding figure is $140,000 and in Spain, a cool $774,000.

    Regarding Windsor’s revelation about Abbott’s supposed hunger for power, I watched Windsor’s performance on ABC24. In response to further questions, he reiterated with emphasis. “Yes, anything”, he said.

    Yet that is at odds with Windsor’s prior claim that “Abbott didn’t want the job“. Instead, Abbott’s preference was a fresh election.

  9. Windsor is NOT contesting the next election. I can’t find the link but he has said this.

    He also is the man who sold his family farm to a coal company.

    Lastly, The NSW MP said he presumed that applied to climate policy.
    That means we have to accept this dogs presumption as fact? EFFOFF mate!!

    Windsor, you’ve proven yourself to be a vindictive dog willing to sell out your electorate as well as the rest of Australia just so as you can “fix” the Nationals in your last term in office. A payback using your electors.

    A lower act of politics I can’t think of. YOU DOG WINDSOR

  10. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    A new report says a price on carbon could create 34,000 new jobs in the renewable energy sector.

    Yep… that’s the same sort of silly green nonsense the experts told the Spanish government. The Spanish Model has since proven disastrous… it has wrecked the Spanish economy. Spain did not get all those promised green jobs… the few green jobs it did create cost more than ten times to create (government subsidized) than a normal job… and too many normal jobs moved overseas causing massive unemployment in Spain.

    We don’t need this here in Australia.

    Tony Windsor is not smart. Politically, he’s a dead man walking!

    • Windsor doesn’t care about his political survival at the next election, as he has announced that he will not stand. He cares that the current government remains on its feet for sufficient time that he qualifies for a much improved MP retirement benefit.
      He will do and say anything to keep the current regime in power, up to and including backing down on petrol, despite his recent utterances. When he decided to back labor for government part of his justification was that he thought labor would be less likely (too scared) to call an early election. Self interest speaks.

  11. ….for all those 34,000 subsidised, taxpayer-funded, propped-up, fake “green jobs”, you will lose several times as many real, proper, genuine jobs

    More numbers on that score. In the UK, groaning under the scourge of wall-to-wall eco-loons in Westminster,

    For every one of David Cameron’s “green jobs” created in the renewable energy sector (mainly solar and wind), another 3.7 jobs are being lost in the real economy, says the independent study by Verso Economics.

    Human sacrifice to appease Gaia.

  12. Tony Terry says:

    Windsor is a poor excuse for a human being, let alone a dumb politician playing with all Australians and their future. Get rid of him and all the greens like we did in our State Election. How long can Gillard last, we thought that Rudd made mistakes but she the worst Prime Minister ever.

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