Labor "at war" with Garnaut

Slapped down Garnaut

Add poor old Ross Garnaut to the list of who Labor is at war with: Greens, independents, the Opposition, the Australian people… It’s all shaping up for an epic battle.

ENERGY Minister Martin Ferguson has slapped down the government’s chief climate change adviser, Ross Garnaut, flatly rejecting calls for more regulation on electricity markets and warning that mandatory renewable energy targets are pushing up power prices.

Mr Ferguson rejected Professor Garnaut’s claims that electricity price rises were a result of “gouging” by electricity generators.

The senior cabinet minister said electricity prices had risen because of costs in replacing ageing plants and he warned that prices would rise by 30 per cent in the next three years because of investment costs, a carbon price and the mandatory target for renewable energy generation.

Mr Ferguson and the Australian Energy Market Commission both warned that the government’s compulsory target of 20 per cent electricity generation from renewable sources by 2020 was coming at a “cost to the community” and could “challenge” the national electricity grid.

Professor Garnaut this week recommended coal-fired power electricity generators not be compensated for a carbon tax and that a new energy regulator be formed.

At an energy conference in Melbourne yesterday, Mr Ferguson said Professor Garnaut had a role in advising the multi-party climate change committee, which includes the Greens, but he “does not speak for the government, nor for the Ministerial Council on Energy”, which represents every government.

Mr Ferguson’s comments come as the Labor government fights with the Greens over “extreme” policies. (source)

And in another piece of breathtaking hypocrisy, as news leaks that the carbon tax could cost families over $600 a year, Labor has warned against a “scare campaign” on the cost to families, whilst at the exact same time conducting its own “scare campaign” on climate change:

In a joint statement, Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan and Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said the Government had not made final decisions on the starting price or how much people will be compensated.

“No final decisions on the starting price or assistance have been taken and therefore it is far too early to speculate on any potential price impacts,” the statement said.

“Until the final design and modelling have been settled, anyone who uses these figures to scare families about prices is engaging in a dishonest, misleading scare campaign. (source)

They should know. After all, Combet and Swan are the experts on dishonest, misleading scare campaigns.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    Oh dear……

    These people are our leaders?

  2. The: I wont have to pay – I’m all right Jack crowd! What world do the Peak welfare group come from and where is their grasp on reality?

    Quote: But a Peak welfare group says it is not concerned about how much the carbon price will add to household bills.
    Cassandra Goldie from the Australian Council of Social Service says it has been made clear families will be supported.

    “We are very assured by the statements once again from the Government that they fully intend to provide adequate assistance for households, particularly those on lower and middle incomes,” she said!

    Can I ask a stupid question? Where does Cassandra Goldie and her kind think the money comes from? A money tree? It comes from the work and productivity of ALL workers’ who must feel it’s worthwhile and can sustain them comfortably.

    People in Ireland are now finding out there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow just bankruptcy and real pain, that’s the fate awaiting Australia, unless all citizens rich and poor wake up to reality!

    And when has Government assurances or promise meant anything other than BS, lies or hot air! Exactly who is going to pay this outrageous tax that is going to grow into an uncontrollable personal and national fiasco?

    Most people in Australia are the great unwashed middle income /middle class (that’s what make this country great) followed by lower income earners, and finally the millions and millions of rich bastards! (snark) these socialists freeloader’s and rentseeker’s have no concept of the economy, where the greatest amount of taxpayers dwell (the middle class) and how profound the endless tax on tax on tax from every level of government (not to mention fees) will and do effect the well being of all Australians rich or poor.

  3. This Tax is designed to wipe out the middle class. The UN IMF Bank will get 10% straight away. This would increase to 100% of the tax. This is what the Globalist elite want. It replaces money earned from the wars with a carbon tax. The UN then controls the world through money supply. We must stop this now.

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