Carbon tax will "strangle manufacturing" – Abbott

Carbon strangulation

A carbon tax will strangle Australia’s manufacturing industry, Tony Abbott has said this afternoon:

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has warned that Australia’s manufacturing sector would be slowly strangled by Labor’s planned carbon tax amid rising concern in business about the impact of the policy.

Mr Abbott made a direct appeal to manufacturing employers and workers today to take notice of the Coalition’s anti-carbon tax campaign at the same time as launching his latest personal attack against Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

He told the Victorian Liberal Party’s State Council that Melbourne would suffer badly if Australia followed the Labor course.

“Over time, a go-it-alone carbon tax means the slow strangulation of manufacturing in Australia,” the Opposition Leader said.

“Let the message go out to our country from here in Melbourne — the manufacturing heart of our country — that we must be a country that continues to make things. We must be a country with a first world economy.

“But we can’t be a first world economy if our manufacturing industry has been killed by Labor’s carbon tax.”

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  1. Abbott is gutless he should not get involved with arguing the pros and cons of the Carbon tax. He should be arguing against the science of man made Global Warming which is no way settled. There is certainly not absolute evidence that anything we do will affect the climate for the better or worse

  2. Hi,
    I totally agree with Tony, I can see major problems down the track. If the Labor Government put a low price on carbon to start with and I think they will, the people will be fooled, but as it has already been stated the carbon tax will increase yearly. Julia keeps going on about the UK, but they have their problems as well, 1500 people have just lost their jobs, and I’m betting we will see more down the track.

  3. Andy G55 says:

    The ridiculous thing is that if when the tax does start to send manufacturing elsewhere, the NET effect will almost certainly be an increase of world CO2 output because of less efficiency, more transport requirements, maybe the use of lower grades of coal.

    Not matter which way you look at this idiocy of a tax, it will have major costs to Australian society, and zero or upward pressure on the very thing they are mistakenly trying to regulate.

  4. I Agree.

    First Step……..Stop the planned closure of the Heinz/Golden Circle Canned Beetroot manufacturing plant. I do not want the Chinese imported New Zealand canned Beetroot. Aussie canned beetroot is a vital ingredient to the steak burger.

    Good one Julia, what else are we going to lose due to your ridiculous taxes and environmental fees.

  5. D.Hughes says:

    So Here’s my prediction..
    Say we all start paying a carbon tax next year. We are all a bit poorer and some people are really badly off. After a year or two scandals start hitting the headlines:
    1. About corruption with Carbon tax revenue,
    2. Carbon tax money being paid off to the big end of town.
    3. Reports start coming out from independent sources that show that there have been no “Green jobs” generated
    4. That large amounts of carbon tax revenue being invested in technologies that are going no where
    5. and finally scientist start confirming that our pollution levels have actually slowly increased…

    More and more irate australians and less and less effective government spin to deal with the anger. Watch the Government loose by a landslide.

    Just my prediction……

    • Baldrick says:

      … this government doesn’t need all that to lose in a landslide at the next election. They’ve already signed their own death warrant by siding with the Greens and Independents over this whole carbon tax debacle. Then add the school building farce, the pink batts farce, cash for clunkers, set top boxes bs, NBN, illegal immigrants, detention centres … the list is endless!

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