So that's that, then

The carbon tax we would never have will today pass the Senate, finally legislating the tax that Julia Gillard promised there wouldn’t be, back in August 2010. “Australian climate madness” finally comes true.

Let’s remind ourselves. This is a tax that:

  • will do nothing for the climate – nothing at all
  • is based on corrupted and partial science, influenced by environmental activist groups
  • will disadvantage our economy when most other nations are backing away from climate action
  • is a breach of an express pre-election promise
  • is nothing more than a bribe to buy the support of the Greens, who are today crowing at their “success”
  • commits economic suicide when GFC Mk II is just around the corner
  • the majority of the population opposes.
There isn’t much more to be said. We just have to sit and wait until the next election, and pray that the people of Australia have long memories.


  1. Deb Norris via Facebook says:

    Solar eruptions in early 2005 led to a substantial barrage of charged particles on the
    Earth’s atmosphere during the 16–21 January period. Proton fluxes were greatly increased
    during these several days and led to the production of HOx (H, OH, HO2) and
    NOx (N, NO, NO2), 5 which then caused the destruction of ozone. We focus on the Northern
    polar region, where satellite measurements and simulations with the Whole Atmosphere
    Community Climate Model (WACCM3) showed large enhancements in mesospheric
    HOx and NOx constituents, and associated ozone reductions, due to these
    solar proton events (SPEs)

    Click to access acpd-11-7715-2011.pdf

    • Deb Norris, leave the ozone, ozone was the precursor for the carbon tax. They realized how easy is to manipulate the Urban Sheep, when was the scare about the ozone hole – but there was no money in ozone – plenty money in CO2 emitters… That ozone hole was probably always above Antarctic – penetrating a bit extra sunlight on the coldest place on the planet cannot harm anything. The amount of sunlight that hits here on 5m2, on Antarctic is spread on 55m2 – no harm.

      All of you that are using ”climate models” ”IPCC data” and other of their crap are fully responsible for the carbon tax – not the politicians. When the Organized Crime realized that is no GLOBAL warming; they started to con about ”climate’ ‘ no matter if you have being brainwashed, or are one of them, listen; climate never stopped changing for the last 4 billion years. Some places changes for better, some for worse. You ask the Brainwashers: what would have being today the climate, if it wasn’t any industrial revolution?!

      What would resemble the environment today – with 7 billion people – minus industrial benefits. Norris, shove those ”climate models” somewhere, where the sun doesn’t shine. H2O, water is a shock absorber – more water saved on the land = milder climate. Ask the trees what is good climate, not the ”climate models”

      • Ozone is created by sunlight on the atmosphere so where there is no sunlight (the poles each winter) there is no ozone produced strangely enough causing a hole

        • Fred, ozone is just cluster of oxygen atoms. When is insufficient amount of it in the lower stratosphere; whatever is – the earth’s centrifugal force is puling it more towards the equatorial regions – where is necessary = hole on the polls = good. Over the polar caps, ozone has negative affect; intercepting the minuscule amount of UV that spreads there, is negative affect. P.s. CO2 intercepts UV much better than ozone can, same mob is badmouthing CO2 for tropics and subtropics – they are back to front on everything.

  2. Deb Norris via Facebook says:

    “which then caused the destruction of the ozone”!!!



  4. what would you rather she had done put gst up to 15%

    • Streetcred says:

      Forgive my ignorance … why would GST need to be increased? Hasn’t this illegitimate government already wasted enough of our taxes?

      • Streetcred, if you calculate the interest on the money borrowed for pink bats and few other things is 200 billion / interest 11billion a year, for the next 50years. That must be paid on time every year. Our treasurer Mr. Wayne Madoff is talking about 2012-13 not to borrow, but never say about paying of, what he already borrowed. Those money for paying the interest; must come from increasing GST, or carbon-tax. It’s called: ”austerity measures” Have you got anything against it?
        The galaxy of small black holes are created… when the opposition gets in power, they must keep paying = will aper that; under ALP was better. Most of the D/H will forget who mortgaged the country

  5. Technically, the kind of power the Greens have right now could qualify as a Dictatorship… so much for Democracy.

  6. like nz. only they are calling something else

    • Streetcred says:

      The only saving grace for the remnants of democracy in NZ is that they finally got rid of the destroyer … years on inaction on developing a future for their country. Kiwis will eventually get back to a normalised political landscape.

    • the best things about NZ ?

  7. Let’s just hope it hasn’t cost us too much by the time it is repealed.. something I am most assured of happening.

  8. It will do something – it’s going to IMF to save Greece……go figure.

  9. The Loaded Dog says:


  10. It’s quite fitting that this week sees the 37th anniversary of the Whitlam government dismissal in 1974, when the ousted Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam said:
    “Well may we say “God save the Queen”, because nothing will save the Governor-General! The Proclamation which you have just heard read by the Governor-General’s Official Secretary was countersigned Malcolm Fraser, who will undoubtedly go down in Australian history from Remembrance Day 1975 as Kerr’s cur.”

    Today we can change that quote to:
    “Well may we say “God save the Queen”, because nothing will save Julia Gillard! The Proclamation which you have just heard read by the Governor-General’s Official Secretary was countersigned Bob Brown, who will undoubtedly go down in Australian history from Remembrance week 2011 as Gillard’s gofer.”


      Baldrick …….. I posted on GJTB at same time …

      11 November 1975, Kerr’s Kerr
      8 November 2011, Julia’s JuliaR

  11. You know they are treating you with absolute contempt when they cheer and clap in Parliament after having lumbered you all with a disgraceful and useless tax. A tax that will do absolutely nothing to help the environment but will help them steal your money!

  12. Oh dam just bought a V8 and a Plasma TV. But don’t worry I have my solar panels bringing in the dosh so someone else will have to pay.

    • The best solution is go completely off grid for power ( solar panels ) and water ( water tanks ) . That way, they cant control you beyond a sewerage and phone charge. Its going to backfire big time.

      • GIVE JULIA THE BOOT says:

        IN South Australia you pay a hefty service charge even if you are not connected to water and sewer mains passing the property. As for power , it will not be long before problems emerge that adding power to the grid will cause load problems in areas never designed for power to be added to the grid. I bet the government will also find away of repealing all the rights given to those who installed solar panels…

  13. This is what happens when you have a Government of thick incompetents, interested only in their own wellbeing, not that of Australia.

  14. G’day Skeptic nerds; you will receive the fruit of your labour, today. Our new monarch Bob Brown will approve the flat rate carbon tax in the senate. Congratulation. When I kept asking you: please spread what is on my website, carbon tax will not be introduced… 750 people clicked on my website, only 3 comments left. Because I don’t talk about Al Gore, because I say that 98 was same temperature as any other year…

    The first comment on the top of this page is the best proof of how the ”pretend Skeptics” have being giving oxygen to the leading Warmist…

    Instead of saying: in the 70’s wasn’t cooling, in the 90’s wasn’t any warming. Stop telling us about the temperature on the 6000 places you are monitoring; start telling us about the temperature on the 10000 billion places that is not monitored. FOR EVERY FEW MINUTES TEMPERATURE IN THE 24h. NOT JUST FOR THE HOTTEST MINUTE OF THE DAY. ALL OTHER MINUTES ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT!!!

  15. Confusious says:

    After having my youth wasted under communist regime behind iron curtain I now have to experience same bullies under slightly greener banners destroying individual rights and freedoms in the very same way.
    I only hope that it is not already too late for Australians to wake up!

    • My uncle grew up in communist hungary.

      The best antidote to the current mess, is educate kids on the dangers of socialism and communism.

      We also need to completely reject PC.

  16. 8 November 2011.
    Our very own “Climate Fools Day”

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      It will go down in history. Celebrated annually by the consumption of flat warm beverages, basket weaving, armpit and pubic hair platting, nit picking and naked romps around bonfires at night.

  17. The most important thing to remember:-
    “Maintain the Rage”, don’t allow time and some pithy bribes to influence your ability to vote these dangerous clowns out of office, hopefully for a generation.
    Australian’s are particularly complacent and let thing slide, part of being easy to get on with and tolerant. This must change.
    8/11/2011 should become a Black Armband day, to show the same disdain for the Labor government of PM Gillard, as this government has shown the Australian people.

    Maintain the Rage.

    • Indeed.

      The big handicap that both Gillard and Combet have to get over is that they are both grubby lying turds.

      Gillard is the more obvious – “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”, but Combet is more insiduous. His lies are half-truths. In an opinion piece in The Australian yesterday, he referenced the Canadian provinces of Quebec and British Columbia. But check the facts:
      Both Quebec and B.C. have basically petrol taxes – nothing like what we now have in Australia. Neither will be trading emissions permits any time soon.

      Liars and fools always get what they deserve.

  18. I have never felt so powerless: to be stood over, mocked and pick-pocketed by a bunch of extremist ecofascists selling a fraud people will eventually go to gaol for will become one of those moments in Australian life that will inspire a cautionary tale in the national life for centuries to come: beware the warning signs that our democracy is being torn away from us. Know the signs and vow: never again. The Greens will be banished into minority irrelevance, as they always should have been, and I will go as far as to suggest this will be the last Labor government in Australian history, such is the wreck it has made of a strong economy, such is its defiance of popular aspirations.

  19. When your company needs to lay off staff due to this be sure to sack the labor and greens voters first!

  20. Dave Coombes via Facebook says:

    Counting down the days …..Dump this toxic government…..Its like trying to shake shit off a stick but eventually we will win

    • I wonder if we will see the introduction of electronic voting before the next so called “election”

  21. Not a pretty image, Dave, but appropriate!

  22. Who in their right mind would ever vote Greens again ?

    • That is an axiomatic oxymoron.

      No-one in their right mind would vote for the Greens in the first place. So yes, they will vote for them again. QED.

    • Sceptical Sam says:

      Who in their right mind ever voted green in the first place?

  23. I share with you all my despair and helplessness. JeffT, I will maintain the rage until the next election, when I can only hope justice will be done.

  24. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Nothing to see here.

    • Sceptickle says:

      Oh look, it’s the entitlement generation nodding off on the job. Mum buy you those sunnies darl’?

    • That’s right young fella … move along, there’s a good chap!

    • Much of this blog describes inept science practices and action based on little or no evidence…….which is ironic because that’s exactly what Sceptickle and Baldrick have done here.

      Young fella?
      Entitlement generation?

      Are you sure you know who I am or are you just people who “know” stuff?

      • The irony is Falcon, you come to this blog and criticise it but you don’t like criticism yourself. Join the dots on that one!

        • Condescending remarks are not criticism.

        • Okay, obviously you don’t understand logic or common sense so here’s a general guideline for blogging, which I hope you will adhere to in your future blogging career: “Respect the opinions of others.”
          Which means … don’t go to a blog just to criticise or post condescending remarks.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      “Nother to see here.”

      yep, blinkers will do that to you….

      • If there’s nothing to see, why come back?

        • To reply to the comments about my comments.

        • Like most juveniles who act up – its to get attention.

          Most grown ups realise to stop it, you ignore the bad behaviour.

          An arguemnt is based on knowledge and facts, not more cheap point scoring from empty comments from the sidelines.

          All good.

        • Lisa Hillman says:

          Love the arrogant, adolescent tilt to your chin in that photo – another rebel without a cause – goes with your sunnies and vain, self-centered comments.

  25. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Voters have an obligation to remember this day … 8 November 2011 … carbon tax day! It’s the day the watermelon Green/Labor coalition won a battle.

    Thankfully, voters will get their chance to win the war… at the next general election.

    Come the next election, we will have that one undeniable chance of freedom of choice and expression… something denied to us over the carbon tax.

    Come the next election, I anticipate a powerful message will be sent to these arrogant politicians – that when you treat the Australian people with so much contempt and arrogance, you will get the biggest boot up your political arse!

  26. The only positive thing to come out of this treachery is that Gillard and Brown have created a very solid core of hostile angry voters who will never vote labor or green again and will remain angry at them till the day they die.The die is cast.

    • Hostile ?

      Jeepers – from stuff I have personally overheard in cafes and seen in discussions in middle class towns in the country , hostile doesnt come *anywhere close* to describing how damn angry people are with the govt.

  27. By 2020 it’s estimated that Australian taxpayers and companies will have contributed to paying $8,000,000,000 in foreign carbon credits. In 2020 alone, Australian companies will have to purchase $3.5bn in foreign carbon credits on top of the carbon tax.

    It has been estimated that it will cost Australian taxpayers $1,000,000,000 to repeal the carbon dioxide tax.

    That’s a fair trade in my books.

    • So how does one sign up to this business?

      As this is an unethical and ‘open to fraud’ business, completely endorsed by the Gillard/Brown Government; How many times would one sell their patch of dirt, just so to keep the trend of unethicalness!

      Anyone out their got a proforma for Carbon Credits. I have got lots of trees that we can take photos of and there is a National Park not Far. It may work better if I say I am from Russia.

      ……………Sorry I am reduced to Sarcasm. I am still dumbfounded as to how this happened. This is Australia for Christ sakes.

  28. Well I often wondered what it would take to finally make people aware of the danger sof communism and lefties. To all Gen Y – yep – this is what the old timers understood would happen if the left was let run – it would completely mes sup the country. Hope you have learnt from this.

    If this doesnt wake up people to the dangers of the left – hopefully some of them might study about Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, Marx etc to see how much damage socialism does to a coutry and a people.

    People whould be making a note that socialists need to be booted out of office for at least a genberation, so we can set about repairing the caustic & Godless damage they do to a society and its psyche.

    Socialism caused more deaths after WWII than WWII itself.

    I am hoping people will become cognitively & openly hostile to socialism and reject it in all its forms.

    Bring back Menzies! At least the right can manage money.

    Long may the Left rot in the wilderness while the adults run the country again.

  29. The really nauseating, sickening thing that I’m dreading over the next few weeks and months is having to listen to Julia Gillard and Bob Brown banging on about “jobs for our children”. Excuse me a moment – I think I’m going to go throw up.

  30. Hello all,
    Please visit WATTS UP WITH THAT to get an insight of all the sculldugery that goes on with so called climate scientists.A VERY INTERESTING GRAPH on the title ‘Durban Game’ which shows how futile Australias Carbon Tax is. Please make everyone aware of this scam.

  31. I’m sorry to say, but Global Warming has already started. It is very hot, and it will only get hotter.
    Australia can not wait for the Carbon Tax to come in. It is very serious…………….Please I beg of every Labour and Greens supporter. You must leave Australia now. The country needs you to do this. Just leave now!

  32. Not me that’s for sure.

  33. $1,000,000,000 to repeal the carbon tax is a small price to pay, considering that we are currently $218,000,000,000 in federal government debt (in just 4 years!). Money well spent, I say.

  34. That is that?
    And when is then?
    You’re my news source from the opposite side of the planet.
    This can’t be that, then!

  35. “corrupted and partial science, influenced by environmental activist groups”
    environmental activist groups read globalist bankers and criminals at the UNIPCC

  36. Lorraine Hinge via Facebook says:

    Now that the Greens have helped to pass the carbon tax Labor is stabbing them in the back,we just have to sit and wait as they exsterminate each other as what happens with groups such as the Mafia,or differing drug families,or criminal organisations,enjoy the carnage.


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