Lewandowsky: FoI request submitted to UWA

UPDATE 2: This post explains why an FOI on this matter is warranted.

UPDATE: Lewandowsky responds to some of the points here. Sadly, given his previous form, I can’t help but agree with one of the comments over at Bishop Hill:

I think they dreamed up their dramatic headline conclusion of “climate sceptics are nutters” and worked back from there.

Once they got headline exposure in a couple of major newspapers, their mission was accomplished. (source)

Just an update on this. I have submitted a formal Freedom of Information request to the University of Western Australia for copies of all of Prof Lewandowsky’s emails to climate blogs (any climate blogs) in relation to the ‘moon landing denial paper’ as I’m calling it (see here and here).

The University may seek to avoid disclosure on the grounds of confidentiality, but I think there is a strong public interest case to be made.


  1. This could get expensive. If you need funds to see it through, just ask.

    [REPLY – Thanks!]

  2. Lucia at The Blackboard has this thread going to build a list of bloggers who are willing to be ‘outed’ as having been invited to post a link to the survey.

  3. Steve Crook says:

    “The University may seek to avoid disclosure”

    I can’t imagine why you’d think they’d do this, it’s not like there’s any history of academic institutions obstructing perfectly reasonable FoI requests is there?


  4. Your last FOI request was a great success Simon.

    Wishing you all the best with this one.

  5. The Loaded Dog says:

    GROAN….bloody leftists/warmists. They NEVER change.

    It’s always about everyone agreeing with them and NO amount of logical arguing will EVER make them think. So tiring.

    Most liberal minded people eventually give up in despair. And THAT is the problem. They CAN NOT be permitted to continue with their LIES…it’s just too costly.. (and the financial element of that “cost” should be the least of our concerns)

    Keep up the good fight Simon.

  6. Nice work again, Simon.

    Agree about funding support if needed – don’t feel shy about putting out a call. You’re representing a significant group of us, and we’re grateful. Taxpayers’ money is involved here, and the recipients of that money must be prepared to account for it. Publicly.

  7. The use of the term f*wits above, reminds one of the fact that unfortunately some people are not very careful about how they use acronyms in that, there is in fact an organisation called Women In Technology, or WITS.

    Many are the wags who have pointed out, that if indeed any of its members bestowed sexual favours of any kind, that would of course make them the original F*WITS.

    Not withstanding this I wish you luck in extracting anything out of a university these days.

    They run by different rules to any body else …f*wits or not …. they are certainly above the constraints of normal business practtices.

  8. No doubt you’ve been following the investigation at Bishop Hill. The closer people look, the dodgier it gets. Best wishes with your FOI, but it seems that the University’s policies about collection, use and publication of data are also under question. Is there someone in WA who could follow this up?


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