ABC's alarmism fest

Alarmist Broadcasting Corporation

Alarmist Broadcasting Corporation

UPDATE: They just keep on comin’…

Warming planet to threaten native species

What effect will climate change have on Australia’s animal and plant species? This is the fourth of a five-part series in which environment reporter Sarah Clarke sets out to provide answers. [Oops, Sarah is at it again…]

Taskforce names regions most at risk of coastal inundation

The National Seachange Taskforce says coastal communities between Mackay and the Gold Coast are the most at risk in Queensland from predicted sea level rises.

Fish in hot water as climate changes

What effect will climate change have on Australia’s oceans and reefs? This is the final report in a five-part series in which environment reporter Sarah Clarke sets out to provide answers. [And again…]

Experts say oceans likely to continue warming

Scientists have recorded what they describe as the most dramatic marine heatwave in recent history off the WA coast.

And just for luck, another from ABC Science:

The 2013 climate change wake-up call

OPINION: Is an extreme heatwave enough for people to start taking the science of climate change seriously in Australia? Dr Paul Willis hopes so.

Enjoy that last one – “Dr” Willis uses “denier” or variants thereof five times. Just what exactly are we supposed to be denying exactly?

More to come, no doubt…

Timed to coincide nicely with the IPCC gas-a-thon in Tasmania, the ABC has gone gangbusters on climate alarmism – and that’s some achievement given previous form.

Ignoring the biggest story of the past couple of weeks, the UK Met Office’s downgrading of its warming forecast for the next five years, ABC News publishes no less than twelve alarmist climate stories in four days. Here they are in all their horrible glory:

Heart attacks and strokes: the climate change link

Heatwaves kill more Australians than car accidents – and medical authorities say that amplifies the risk posed by climate change.

Human health to feel impact of warmer future

What effect will climate change have on health in the Pacific? This is the third of a five-part series in which environment reporter Sarah Clarke sets out to provide answers.

UN group links heatwave to climate change

The United Nations’s (UN) chief climate science body says there is no doubt last week’s extreme heat in Australia is part of a global warming trend.

Extreme weather driving up food prices: Oxfam 

Simon Bradshaw from Oxfam says extreme weather patterns are beginning to affect the food chain.

Climate change will force farmers to adapt: CSIRO

What effect will climate change have on agriculture and food production? This is the second of a five-part series in which environment reporter Sarah Clarke sets out to provide answers.

IPCC meets in Australia for first time

Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr Rajendra Pachauri says the latest research is still a work in progress but Australia’s recent weather events are part of an unmistakable trend.

Bushfires and heat a sign of climate change: Milne

The Greens leader Christine Milne says this summer’s bushfires and record temperatures are providing a glimpse of what Australia’s climate might look like in the future.

Scientists warn of glacier melt acceleration

The Government has scoped the potential areas of the Australian coastline at greatest threat after a sea level rise.

Coastal properties facing rising seas risk

Professor Alan Stokes from the National Seachange Taskforce says rising sea levels are a serious risk and coastal councils need to deal with the issue right now.

Rising seas may put $300b of property at risk: scientists

What impact are sea-level rises predicted to have on Australian cities?

Climate change increases fire risk

A Climate Commission report says a warmer globe increases the risk of extreme fire danger conditions.

Heatwave exacerbated by climate change: Climate Commission

A new report from the Federal Government’s Climate Commission says the heatwave and bushfires that have affected Australia this week have been exacerbated by global warming.

And a couple from ABC Science, just in case you haven’t had enough:

Emissions could cut climate damage by 60%

The world could avoid much of the damaging effects of climate change this century if greenhouse gas emissions are curbed more sharply.

Heatwave suddenly shrinks seaweed’s range

SHRINKING SEAWEED: A recent marine heatwave off Western Australia rapidly shrank the distribution range of an ecologically-important seaweed, researchers report.

There must be a policy in force at the ABC. All I need is someone to leak it…


  1. It seems to be a bit more than policy. It almost looks like climate high command at the ABC have launched a New Year offensive.

  2. Coastal properties are already at risk – from the likes of Alan Stokes.
    Sea level rise? Not much evidence according to those of us whose real job involves sea level data. The Queensland government may have swept away half a billion or more in half-witted green projects but State policy is still pegged on 0.8m rise and more extreme weather events by 2100.
    Someone needs to do an audit on what the National Seachange Taskforce is saying. Their modelling suggests some significant rises. BoM have two tide gauges in Queensland, only one of which, Cape Ferguson, seems to figure in their projections. Perhaps the reason is that the other gauge is right next to a gauge owned by DERM?
    I have data from Cape Ferguson (as it’s on my patch) but there’s nothing other than cyclical rise and fall. As far as I know, none of the other 38 tide gauges in Queensland show anything either.

  3. … and all this hand wringing with the UAH global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for December, 2012 at:
    0.20 deg. C
    We’re all doomed!

  4. Don,t watch it any more.

  5. Richard Abbott says:

    Shark attacks on man suffer the same undeserved media hysteria of over exposure. So was not surprised to recently read the claim that increased shark numbers along coastal Western Australia was linked to global warming! No mention that man is depleting their food chain resource….

  6. thingadonta says:

    I have one for them: “New understanding of climate change pause puts doubt on cause of late 20th century warming, oceans and solar activity more signficant than thought”, but I am not holding my breath…

  7. Well done Simon for putting this list together. I’ve been saying this since summer began, and even more in the last two weeks. Climate Change has become an umbrella topic and just about everything else gets pushed under it. The ABC give the impression that Climate is the main story, and all else flows from there. Thanks for showing this so clearly.

    • JustMEinT says:

      I have ‘switched’ off these days… whenever a new climate change theory/statement hits the media….. eveything from coastal flooding to the mating habits of spiders can now be traced to the evil of carbon (sarc) I am just waiting for them to blame ingrowing toenails on it as well and my life will be complete!

  8. Hey, hippies like having a ‘SUMMER OF LOVE’ don’t they?

    Maybe we should call this the SUMMER OF FEAR?

  9. Simon Colwell says:

    Mate, I doubt there is a policy in force at the ABC. The bedwetters who work there would be only too happy to disseminate this propaganada off their own bat.

  10. Drapetomania says:

    Does Sarah Clarke report on anything other than we are doomed stuff.
    I have never seen her even slightly curious about any of these claims and she is obviously unable to tell the difference between a correlations and causation.
    sack the flipping lot..

  11. I am not sure which organization is worse the ABC or the IPPC.

  12. Glad to see you are keeping the nose to the grindstone. In regard to the seaweed odd that there were no reports of dead seaweed. Seems it just up and vanished.

  13. There’s also this which may escape the attention of the MSM:

  14. This is a full on frontal warmist assalt . The ABC is only outdone by the BBC. One heatwave and the end of the world is nigh. I am expecting Flannery to show his head again sometime soon.

  15. I believe that the ABC’s ‘Climate Change Propoganda Festival’ can be seen as purely political.
    They are the propoganda mouthpiece for the ALP and the comrades in the ABC are rabid in their support for our female prime minister and the global left wing socialist agenda. Watch out for massive ABC televised support for the issue at this years 2013 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.
    It is not your ABC, it is theirs,you just pay for it!
    Labour are carrying the burden of the Carbon Tax into this year of election and this intensive climate change propoganda campaign from the ABC is an early new year ‘shock and awe’ strategy designed to re-affirm the steadily collapsing belief in AGW. If the populace lose faith in climate change then the carbon tax becomes a serious liability for the government leading up to the federal election. At this stage they are winning the war for the hearts and minds of the people,as can be seen by a bounce in the polls already.

  16. ABC taking up valuable screen time with Climate Change stories? Why not make programs showing the uncertainties or lies…….because the science is actually strongly supported by evidence. Of course scientists cannot be 100% certain but when your doctor is 90% certain you’ve got cancer I bet you don’t say “She will be right. I’ll believe my next door neighbour instead.”

    [REPLY – What “science” are you referring to? That CO2 is a greenhouse gas? Yes. That CO2 levels have increased? Yes. That temperatures have increased as well? Yes. But what about the climate sensitivity? Will temperatures rise 1 degree or 4 degrees? Will cutting CO2 actually reduce warming? How much is natural cyclical climate variation? Is the cost of slashing emissions to the economies of developing countries proportional to the benefit? The answers to those questions are not strongly supported by evidence. And your doctor has no reason to say you have cancer when you don’t – he’s not being paid to misdiagnose. Contrast climate scientists who are paid huge sums by government for saying the planet has a fever and they need yet more grants to do more research. Can you think of a reason why they may be reluctant to even concede that the problem might not be as bad as once thought? – Ed]

    • Of course there is uncertainty in the amount of temp rise but much certainty that it will rise and that will mean large problems. Scientists appear to have underdone Climate sensitivity so it appears the temperature rise etc will be at the high end of projections. YES reducing CO2 will reduce warming. YES it will be a difficult and expensive thing to achieve but not as expensive as doing nothing. The cost of reducing emissions is small compared to the cost of doing nothing…in economic terms and in terms of the ecosystems. I dare you to find just one scientist being paid to falsify statements about global warming. You misunderstand how science is done.

      [REPLY – The email that alerted me to your comment shows that it came from within the Bureau of Meteorology, so thanks for taking the time to write. How do you evidence the claim that scientists have underdone climate sensitivity, when for the last 15 years there has been no statistically significant warming? If climate sensitivity is so high, how is it that natural variability can overwhelm it, as it has done recently? Secondly, nothing the world has done to reduce emissions has made any noticeable change – just look at Kyoto. Within the medium term alternative energy will become cheap enough to be competitive, without penalising emerging economies (and punishing their populations) by taxing the cheap fossil fuels they need to raise themselves out of poverty. Thirdly, as for scientists being paid to “falsify statements about global warming”, all I can say is that I can think of half a dozen names who have exaggerated the magnitude of the problem to “raise awareness”. It’s been admitted – the late Stephen Schneider said they have to “offer up scary scenarios” to get attention (and, dare I say it, ensure continued funding of research)…]

  17. One wonders what ABC means in todays world “absolute bloody crap” or “all braindead cretins” maybe “A brainless comment” -it used to be something to be proud of ,sadly now it is a national disgrace and an embarrassment.

  18. That last article by Paul Wilis, better known as the “paunch” after his bloated belly ( seems someone needs a carbon diet!) yet another demonstration of weather being played for climate. He even plays the Munich Re card, remember they ignore adjusted losses. For a run down on where 2012 sat for insured losses Pielke Jnr has the goods.

  19. ABC = Australian Brainwashing Corporation

  20. Em Professor Don Aitken, an academic heavy if ever there was one, slams (albeit tactfully) the ABC “toilet” (as Delingpole describes it) and its pathological penchant for alarmism.

    It’s becoming increasingly difficult for climate scammers to throw the “denier” label around without further eroding their credibility, even if they have any.

  21. its purely political spin of the purest form. When CEO’s of Greenpeace get articles all to their own to cry chicken little over the Great Barrier Reef with no balance or alternative point of view put across – its pure spin. I put a comment on that post pointing out that highlighting the eco disaster that is China might be a more worthy cause – took 4 days for that comment to get through the system…

    They do not really care about the environment – they just care about the spin they can generate using the climate and environment.

    The ABC should ashamed of themselves.

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