🤡🌏 IPCC says: Go vegetarian to save planet 🤡🌏

Enjoy it while you can…

Australian Climate Madness says to IPCC: get fucked.

Vegetarian diets and a “sin” tax on unsustainable meat could help to limit climate change, a major new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says.

Reducing food waste and paying for the environmental services of nature could help the transition.

The major report looks at human impact on natural systems and how better land management could help offset the impact of rising­ greenhouse gas emissions.(source – $)

We can all look forward to a diet of weeds and insects under our future totalitarian environmentalist overlords.


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  2. Graham Richards says:

    It’s time to shut that organisation down!
    Trump must give them 3 months notice to relocate to another continent.
    Would suggest city In Europe, Brussels or Accra in Ghana.
    I’m sure Trump would find a better use for the UN site. Sparking lot would be preferable!

  3. Taxes to save the planet..who would have thought..and will we see extra taxes on every process required to produce cereal crops..?and will they be mandated to have the land cleared, fertiliser and pesticide additions, harvesting and transportation of cereals..all with solar powered vehicles…????….they can at least charge the solar vehicles with diesel to be consistent..

  4. Who started the myth that methane is 20 times as potent as CO2?
    Ridiculous, since methane does not remain methane in air for any appreciable length of time.
    But it doesn’t matter, because twenty times zero is ZERO!

    • Stuart Jones says:

      Yeah but think of the money they can take from us on this bullshit, excuse the pun.

  5. All this rubbish about reducing meat consumption is presumably to reduce cattle numbers and reduce methane released by the animal’s digestive processes. Big problem for these Green hypocrites – India has at last count 453 million cows, and these cattle are protected (sacred animals). Anyone harming or killing these cattle can be punished by law, or worse by mob violence. Also not taken into account – all deer, buffalo, bison, bovine (cows/bulls) and giraffe are ruminants that belch methane

    • An anyway, all such belching is just a return to the atmosphere of the carbon compounds that were consumed buy the cattle in the first place. So, in effect, carbon neutral.

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