Australia runs out of electricity

It’s like Britain in the 1970s. I remember the blackouts and my parents lighting the house with candles and oil lamps.

But this is Australia – in the 21st century!

We now cannot afford to pay for electricity because insane policies driven by climate hysteria have crippled our generation industry.

Thanks Albo and your Green socialist mates.


  1. John Halliday says:

    I wrote to most of the Green lunatics after the recent Federal Election. I wanted to know specifically how they are going to achieve zero emissions. I wanted to know what anyone of these useless troglodytes have to offer as a scientific solution to the alleged climate change farce. Not a single response, no solutions just sucking at the teat of the Australian taxpayer with not a shred of advice as to how they will “save the world” I suggested that we would agree to zero emissions by 2050 providing we build at least 10 nuclear reactors around Australia, starting TOMORROW, but no, I have not heard a thing from any of these useless Greens, they are as useless as a tit on a bull. Yes I voted for the Greens, I made sure that I listed them LAST on the Green paper and LAST on the white paper. My name is John Halliday and I stand against these left wing idiots because they have only one policy; MAKE HOMOSEXUALITY COMPULSORY.

  2. OldGreyGuy says:

    Well to be fair, the left wing of the LNP were trying to drive us down that path as well, they still have a few idiots in the mix like Matt Kean and the ghost of Malcolm Turnbull hanging around and the policies these people championed seemed to consist entirely of be more like the Greens so people will vote for us, which is a nonsense. We need to push the current electricity producers to stop looking at unreliable renewables and stop penalising them for maintaining their current fleet of power stations. For those idiots who deny that is happening, try understanding that these large companies work closely with their sources of finance for their daily operations and every part of the financial market these days (Superannuation, Banks, etc) has swallowed the mantra that they cannot allow investment in old technologies and then broadcast their moral superiority.

  3. Fuckn Commies, the lot of them. How have we allowed green ideologues to run the energy industry? Maybe it’s time to bring back the energy generation architects and power engineers to fix this nonsense. We all know that climate change is pseudo science backed only by flawed computer modelling – every single model has proven to be false. Otherwise, if only one prediction was proven to be correct I would not be writing these words right now (that’s right, we’d all be dead). It’s all wealth transfer tactics……at the cost of our quality of living (we are supposed to be a first world nation here in Oz – our best days are behind us). It all starts at the schools and all the way up to the university level – the Marxist indoctrination, that is. Fuckn Commies.

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