Climate Change., Inc. – revenue hits $300bn

This is precisely the reason why it is now so difficult to put the brakes on the AGW bandwagon and get anyone in government or in the climate change industry to actually debate its causes in any rational way.

Companies providing goods and services that tackle climate change now form a bigger industry grouping than global software and biotechnology sectors combined, according to new research.

Global annual revenues from such businesses – which include renewable energy companies, nuclear power and energy management specialists – have surpassed $300bn for the first time, HSBC’s global banking and markets research team have found.

$300 BILLION! Let’s just pause and think about that for a moment – more than global software AND biotech sectors combined – that is a phenomenal statistic. If there had been no “global warming” scare over the past twenty years, most of these companies wouldn’t even exist!

There are now so many vested interests in maintaining the alarmist agenda (just think of our friend Al Gore) that when it finally comes off the rails, in other words when businesses and individuals wise up to the swindle that has been perpetrated on them, the decline in the climate change industry is likely to have a significant effect on the global economy.

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