Climate Madness returns to Australia

Virtue signalling on Day 2

Thanks to the Greens in drag (the Teals), we now have a radical left Labor government intent on destroying our economy to virtue signal about the climate. Seriously, I thought we’d got over all this nonsense, but apparently not.

I’m not sure about the stats right now, but Australia’s annual emissions are churned out by China every fortnight (or something ridiculous like that), so even if we shut down our economy completely and cut emissions by 100%, we will save two weeks of China’s emissions every year. Wow brilliant!

At least the Liberal bedwetters, who constantly plugged climate action and other right-on woke issues like trans rights, have all been expunged from the parliament so perhaps the party can start again being a little bit more, you know, CONSERVATIVE maybe?? Who knows, people might actually vote for it! Geez…

Occasional posts on this blog will return when my blood pressure exceeds recommended levels…


  1. Nice to have you back Simon, sadly the reason for your post is not!

  2. Stephan De Jonghe says:

    Hi Simon,
    If the result is that we lower pollution levels, clean up the rubbish, plant more trees and lower the salinity levels in the agricultural districts, etc, then maybe we can tolerate a little exuberance displayed by some people on climate change issues.

    • James Murphy says:

      Are you aware of the incredible damage caused by mining for rare earth elements, and cobalt, just to build solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries?
      Only a fool would conflate genuine pollution problems (the vast majority of which, exist in 3rd world countries, India, and China) with climate change.

      As for planting trees, I recall how Tony Abbott and his “direct action” plan was ridiculed and lambasted because he wanted to plant trees as one of the measures. Suddenly, if Labor decide to do it, then it becomes a good idea??

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    What a show this will be for three looong years!

  4. As they say “Go woke go broke “
    The Liberal party have just experienced by loosing the election PM Morrison didn’t rain in the snowflakes within the Liberal party .
    Gender nonsense in schools , the cancellation culture madness, not putting fellow conservative parties In front of the Labor &Greens , the infighting with selecting of members for election coming 21/5/2022 .
    The National party didn’t loose any seats and I think they increased their numbers so that must say something

  5. Mobisam says:

    It’s a pity that neither Sri Lanka nor Germany were invited to present the results of their leading-by-example green agenda.

    Albo says:
    “We know that China is seeking to exert more influence in the Pacific and we know that climate change is such an important issue,”

    but does not seem to know about, or deliberately ignores, them opening dozens (hundreds?) of new coal-fired power stations for several years. The energy available from these is how they have been able to afford to expand not only in the Pacific but many other countries with their belt and road program.

    Apparently only Australian coal is bad

  6. The climate change obsession is a perverse ideology that spreads misinformation for the only purpose of demising developed nations’ economy in the name of “saving the planet”. The planet will not be lost because of CO2, but because of wars, pestilence, depletion of resources, poverty, famine and many other causes. Australia is facing economic warfare from within and from without. Scaremongering by using terms like “climate crisis, emergency, apocalypse, catastrophe, global meltdown, climate suicide”, etc. is the preferred tool to coerce into submission the scientifically illiterate and gullible section of the population. Unfortunately too many educated and supposedly intelligent people fall victims of the climate change narrative.
    Governments cannot influence climate change. The only “action” they can take is clobbering taxpayers with carbon taxes that will increase up to and beyond the citizens’ ability to pay. The idea that Governments can fine-tune carbon taxes and regulation like a thermostat and create an idyllic climate to mitigate floods, fires and hurricanes throughout the world is deceptive, irrational and unsupported by scientific evidence.

  7. People simply refuse to believe that the CO2 ‘global-warming’ mantra is a con-job, yet it is scientifically impossible!
    Unfortunately, decades of socialist dumbing-down since Whitlam have left the average Australian without the ability to understand even basic science.
    Once atmospheric CO2 becomes greater than about 250 ppm, it is finished as a ‘greenhouse’ gas. This is because the Earth’s out-going infra-red radiation, which excites CO2 causing it to heat the atmosphere, contains only a tiny sliver of radiation of the wavelength capable of doing so.
    Those interested should Google Prof. Wal Happer of Princeton. Happer’s work shows conclusively the mechanism outlined above.
    Those who find Happer’s message too ‘heavy’ should go to Tony Heller destroys the ‘warmist’ argument simply by publishing newspaper cuttings and photos from times past, showing that conditions now are no different from those that prevailed then.

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