CSIRO boss issues apology for ‘religion’ jibe

Forced to apologise…

Forced to apologise…

The Climate Inquisitors got their way and forced an apology – an update on this story from yesterday.

But it is a pyrrhic victory, since it is the zealotry that infects the alarmist cause. [Read more…]

CSIRO boss: warming alarmism ‘more like religion than science’

Even the CSIRO boss is a 'denier' to the zealots…

Even the CSIRO boss is a ‘denier’ to the zealots…

Finally worked it out, then, have we?

Here are some ACM articles from years past on the subject:

Even the CSIRO boss is surprised at the vehemence of the disciples of the Church of Alarmism. [Read more…]

CSIRO climate jobs to go – heads explode all round…

Models can't predict this…

Models can’t predict this…

The national science agency, CSIRO, has announced it will restructure its climate change teams to concentrate on dealing with it rather than trying to understand it.

The national science agency has been accused of walking away from climate science after it announced it would refocus from trying to understand it to practical measures to deal with it.

CSIRO chief executive Larry Marshall said yesterday climate change had been well modelled and it was time to start doing something about it.

Dr Marshall, a Sydney-born physicist and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, has ordered a restructure that will put 350 jobs at risk, particularly in environmental research, as the agency pursues “moonshots” capable of delivering practical solutions.

[Read more…]

Aussies not fooled by relentless alarmism

Why mention Melbourne's temperatures??

Why mention Melbourne’s temperatures??

The Aussies can, thankfully, see straight through environmental scares.

They’ve heard all the doom and gloom before, they’ve seen all the hysteria, the wailing and gnashing of teeth from those suckling at the government’s teat. Then, if that weren’t enough, they look at the fudging of data, the enviro-activists posing as impartial scientists, the cover-ups, the abuse hurled at critics, the politically-motivated massaging of the message, and realise that the pronouncements of these troughers aren’t worth jack shit.

Australians rank climate change well down on their list of concerns, even though most believe temperatures where they live will rise, according to an annual survey of attitudes by the CSIRO.

On a list of 16 issues ranging from health and cost of living to terrorism and drug problems, climate change came in at just 14th.

Even among environmental issues, the climate ranked only seventh out of eight concerns, behind household waste and above only salinity.

Zoe Leviston, a social psychologist at CSIRO and lead author of the survey, said the ranking was “surprisingly low”, not least because more than 70 per cent of respondents also judged climate change to be either somewhat, very or extremely important. (source)

“Surprising” because, living in a bubble, like most CSIRO scientists do, Ms Leviston has no idea that the rest of the population have more pressing things to worry about, like paying bills, keeping their jobs – you know, trivial stuff… And get this:

Another finding from the CSIRO survey is that people tended to underestimate how widely accepted climate change is in the community. “Climate change denial, or contrarism, or whatever you want to call it, is overrated,” Dr Leviston said.

Yep, the Aussies don’t buy the 97% bullshit either. Onya! And note that anyone challenging the hysteria is either a ‘denier’ or a ‘contrarian’. Who’da thunk it?

ABC's Doha climate-gasm

Climate porn

It’s that time of year again. The climate wonks all disappear on a carbon-fuelled jolly to a six-star hotel to work out how to save the planet, and the leftard media spew out acres of climate alarmism to help The Cause.

No media organisation does this better than our very own ABC, a clone of the once-great-but-now-shite BBC.

Here’s their latest serving of climate porn:

The latest snapshot from climate scientists has found the planet is on track for a 4 to 6 degree Celsius temperature rise by the turn of the century.

As United Nations climate talks enter their final week in Doha on the Persian Gulf, scientists are increasing the pressure on governments to do more to cut the discharge of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

The Global Carbon Project report, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, has calculated that emissions rose by 3 per cent last year, and 2.6 per cent this year, despite the weak global economy.

Pep Canadell from the CSIRO was one of the lead authors of the report, and says the growth in emissions is shocking.

“Our analysis showed that by the end of this year, 2012, global emissions from fossil fuels are set to reach an unprecedented amount of 36 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide,” he told AM.

“Just to put this thing in perspective, this is 58 per cent over 1990, which is the Kyoto Protocol reference year, and growing at about three times faster than they were growing during the 90s.

He says on current trends, governments globally will have no chance of averting dangerous climate change.

“We are now following perfectly on track of the emissions path that will take us to anywhere between 4 and 6 degrees by 2100, if we don’t do anything different from what we are doing now,” he said. (source)

But despite emissions growing faster than ever, temperature rises have slowed to a crawl in the last decade or so. A six degree rise by 2100 would require a 0.7 degree rise every decade from now until the end of the century. What happens if we splice this on to the current temperature chart?


Not only that, but this graphic uses temperature trends since 1995, if you take the trend since 2001, it’s even less. You would have thought, if CO2 were the main driver of global temperatures, that accelerating emissions would result in accelerating rises in temperature, but in fact it is precisely the reverse.

CSIRO: oceans are changing


The latest “ocean report card” is published today from Australia’s scientific sausage factory:

Key findings show

  • warming sea temperatures are influencing the distribution of marine plants and animals, with species currently found in tropical and temperate waters likely to move south
  • new research suggests winds over the Southern Ocean and current dynamics are strongly influencing foraging of seabirds that breed in south-east Australia and feed close to the Antarctic each summer
  • some tropical fish species have a greater ability to acclimatise to rising water temperatures than previously thought
  • the Australian science community is widely engaged in research, monitoring and observing programs to increase our understanding of climate change impacts and inform management
  • adaptation planning is happening now, from seasonal forecast for fisheries and aquaculture, to climate-proofing of breeding sites for turtles and seabirds.

Led by CSIRO, more than 80 Australian marine scientists from 34 universities and research organisations contributed to the 2012 report card. The report card draws on peer-reviewed research results from hundreds of scientists, demonstrating a high level of scientific consensus.

As with anything from the CSIRO, we have to be very wary of its alleged impartiality. CSIRO has become a highly politicised, environmental activist organisation rather than a free-thinking scientific body, which is funded by a government that accepts the pronouncements of the IPCC without question and is committed to taking action on climate change. Readers can make up their own minds.


More indoctrination: Future Sparks website will 'fill classrooms with the buzz from the clean energy future industry'

Get 'em while they're young, right?

New Scientists wants climate indoctrination in schools, so it would be very proud of Australia, where such propaganda is disseminated widely thanks to Labor’s “Clean Energy Future” legislation. Yes, you read that right – a new website aims to indoctrinate school children with political propaganda on climate change.

This email popped into my inbox earlier today from the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency:

Engaging our future bright sparks

Australian teachers and students can now harness the kinetic energy of a soccer ball to charge a mobile phone or power a light bulb, as part of ‘Future Sparks – our clean energy show and tell’ program, which was launched on Tuesday 21 February 2012.

Read the full story ‘Engaging our future bright sparks’ about the Future Sparks program on the Clean Energy Future website.

So here’s the flannel from the website:

Green Cross AustraliaCSIRO and the Clean Energy Council have joined forces to showcase the latest scientific and engineering developments to inspire and amaze students about the transition to cleaner sources of energy.

This initiative is proudly supported by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

The Future Sparks website is now live and has been designed to fill classrooms with the buzz and excitement from the clean energy future industry. The website features a video and persuasive writing competition giving students the chance to flex their creative muscle and participate in the wider clean energy future conversation.

CSIRO have provided lesson plans that are flexible and fun, catering for a wide range of school settings. Future Sparks is compatible with the Australian Curriculum, particularly with English and Science, and the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability.

This website also provides core information on clean energy options, climate change science, emerging technology and includes many links, videos and games enabling students to explore further. Schools can readily access most videos and animations as they do not require YouTube access. (source)

Wow – the “buzz and excitement from the clean energy future industry”. I can hardly wait. You want indoctrination? We’ve got indoctrination. In spades. And when you visit the website, which is colourful and pretty and instantly attractive to youngsters, the climate propaganda is all there:

The Earth’s climate has changed dramatically since the beginning of time, but evidence now shows that human activity is creating a sharp increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Scientists agree this causes the temperatures on Earth to rise, which influences the climate – more extreme weather events, more often.

In some areas, the sea level will rise – and this is very worrying for people who live on small islands, particularly our Pacific Island neighbours.

There are now 7 Billion people on Earth – more than any other time in history – and this number is expected to continue to rise, putting further strain on the planet’s resources and adding greatly to climate change.

Animals will have to seek out climates to suits them – this will be a problem for alpine species in Australia!

Diseases will spread to new areas where the changed conditions will now suit microorganisms that can cause them.

So the change in climate will bring widespread change to our way of life and environment.

Take a look at this really cool video made by some other students to explain climate change.  It is a perfect example of a Future Spark video – make sure you keep yours under 3 minutes for this competition. (source)

Click the video link (if you can stand it) to see how some children have been totally brainwashed already. It’s truly, truly shocking. Links to CSIRO propaganda feature prominently, as do photos of polar bears and bush fires.

This tidal wave of propaganda will continue until our government is changed, finally, and this kind of political indoctrination is taken out of the classroom. It is utterly disgraceful.

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